14th International CTI Symposium

Estrel Hotel, Berlin. The automotive industry is about to change drastically due to energy and CO2 discussion, interconnection and automation. This results in new requirements on drive trains and transmissions with regard to efficiency, comfort, dynamics and safety, which in turn lead to a large variety of competing drive and transmission concepts and to a previously unknown wave of innovations for components and assemblies. It does not only apply to the new electrified drive trains, but also to conventional drive trains and transmissions, which will remain the pillars of drive technology for the time being. 

At this year’s Symposium, the hybrid transmission concepts of companies such as Toyota will be combined as “Dedicated Hybrid Transmission” (DHT) for the first time and discussed in front of an expert audience. The DHT concepts enable the vehicle to be driven in serial and/or parallel hybrid mode, purely electric, and optionally in combustion engine drive mode.


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