Hilton Americas, Houston, TX. The annual ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) is the premier global conference that focuses on today's technical challenges, research updates and breakthrough innovations that are shaping the future of engineering. The Congress convenes engineers, academics, scientists and technologists of all disciplines for the purposes of exploring solutions to global challenges and for the advancement of engineering excellence worldwide. Engineers have long contributed to human progress by solving complex challenges on a global scale. Many of these challenges are found in developing and emerging markets, particularly as they relate to critical infrastructures, such as access to energy, clean water, effective sanitation and healthcare. Rapid population growth and the global pursuit of sustainability are creating new demands for engineers who can design products, services and infrastructure to improve the quality of life for the billions living in poverty. Engineering for Global Development, a programs area within ASME, enhances the multidisciplinary research and collaboration needed to establish the delivery mechanisms for emerging and appropriate technologies. IMECE 2014 will present a platform that focuses on the critical research being conducted in global development and the positive impact it is making around the world.

Among the 4,000 attendees from 75+ countries are mechanical engineers in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, advanced energy, fluids engineering, heat transfer, design engineering, materials and energy recovery, applied mechanics, power, rail transportation, nanotechnology, bioengineering, internal combustion engines, environmental engineering, and more.

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