Rex-Cut?s Fiber Mounted Points Line Reveals Fresh Abrasives

New cotton-fiber mounted points from Rex-Cut Products expose fresh abrasives as they work to deburr and finish in one step with chatter-free performance.

According to the company's press release, the mounted points constantly reveal fresh abrasives as they work to deburr and finish precision machined, cast and extruded parts in one step. Providing smooth, controlled grinding with virtually no vibration, they come in various shapes, sizes, grits and bonds for use on all hard and soft metals, and will not change their geometry.

Featuring multiple layers of non-woven cotton fiber and abrasive grains pressed and bonded together, the mounted points come in barrel, bullet, conical and round shapes with 1/8" and 1/4" shanks. They are suitable for deburring, blending, finishing and edge-breaking applications on stainless steel, Inconel, titanium and mild steel and are non-loading on aluminum.

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