Precision Technologies Group Launches Program with Alliance Business School to Give MSc Students Global Perspective

Precision Technologies Group (PTG) has partnered with The University of Manchester's Alliance Business School to help equip MSc stude...

PTG has partnered up with The University of Manchester\'s Alliance Business School to give eight students \"real-world international business skills.\"

Precision Technologies Group (PTG) has partnered with The University of Manchester's Alliance Business School to help equip MSc students with ‘real-world' international business skills.

As part of a client-facing project focused on international business issues and how to solve them, a number of the Business School's MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management students have spent up to twelve weeks working as external consultants at PTG's Milnrow headquarters. The aim of the MSc is to equip students with both the academic knowledge and practical skills to become effective business consultants in a global context. The project provides the opportunity for students to use their academic knowledge to solve real business issues.

By conducting key research and analysis into the global market size, future trends and main industry providers for a range of technologies, the MSc students have helped Precision Technologies Group gain highly pertinent market insight. The students' work has focused primarily on the global market for screw compressors, friction stir welders and high accuracy gears - all sectors in which PTG is a major player.

By taking part in the programme, Alliance Business School's MSc students have benefited from applying the academic knowledge and skills they have learnt in the classroom to PTG's business challenges. They have also gained a valuable understanding of the real-world operational issues that affect the business.

"As some 98% of our technologies are destined for export, we understand intimately the importance of identifying and often anticipating the needs of global markets," comments Precision Technologies Group Business Development Director, Neil Jones. "Collaborating with Alliance Business School, to share our expertise, benefit from each student's analytical skills - and to help develop the next generation of MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management graduates - has been a highly rewarding experience. The quality of output from the project has been outstanding and has helped us plan ahead strategically."

"Our MSc students work with all sorts of businesses, from very small start-up organisations to very well established companies such as PTG," adds Alliance Business School Careers Consultant Sara Russell. "PTG's involvement in the programme has enabled eight MSc students to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific issues which affect the organisation, to deliver important market analysis and to benefit from first-hand experience of the workplace. I am incredibly grateful to PTG for their involvement and look forward to further collaboration."    

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