Ipsen 2016 U Classes

Ipsen is preparing to host another series of Ipsen U classes throughout 2016 with courses available February 2-4, April 5-7, August 2-4 and October 11-13. A class will also be offered in June, with more details coming soon. These three-day courses provide attendees with a broad overview of furnace equipment, processes and maintenance, as well as a hands-on approach to learning while receiving qualified tips directly from the experts.

Reflecting on past courses, attendees commented that "staff and facility are top notch and very knowledgeable in the heat-treating process." Another participant surveyed praised the instructors' "incredible amount of knowledge, hints, tips and real world advice." Others found it useful to "see all of the different furnace designs and be able to relate them to the information talked about earlier in the class," concluding that "mixing the lecture with actual furnace visualization was extremely valuable."

Throughout the course, attendees are able to learn about an extensive range of topics - from an introduction to vacuum and atmosphere furnaces to heat treating, furnace controls, subsystems, maintenance and more. They will also be able to view the different furnace components firsthand while learning how they affect other parts of the furnace and/or specific processes, take part in one-on-one discussions with Ipsen experts, participate in a leak detection demonstration and tour Ipsen's facility.

 Overall, Ipsen U allows participants to build and refresh their knowledge of heat-treating equipment and processes through applied learning. Regardless of where you fall on the expertise scale - maintenance, operator, engineer, project manager and/or plant manager- Ipsen U's instructors will provide the necessary level of information in a casual, open-forum environment.

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