Vomat Filtration Systems Sustain NAS 7 Quality for Extended Periods of Time

Cooling lubricants optimally cleaned to NAS 7 (3-5 microns) are an important parameter in the overall manufacturing process of tool grind...

Vomat's filtration systems are designed to maintain lubricants at an NAS 7 quality level for as long as possible.

Cooling lubricants optimally cleaned to NAS 7 (3-5 microns) are an important parameter in the overall manufacturing process of tool grinding. Only with clean coolants tool and advanced grinding technology can manufacturers meet the dimensional accuracy and tool surface quality that today's industry is demanding.

To ensure high production and quality levels, but also to exploit any potentials for rationalization, Vomat produces powerful filtration systems compact in design requiring minimal floor space. Vomat systems incorporate advanced engineering that will meet all of today's technical requirements. With various additional components, Vomat systems can be configured to provide for standalone or for plant wide solutions. Vomat systems can be easily integrated into any customer's specific production processes and requirements.

Low-maintenance technology ensures energy-efficient full flow filtration, which separates clean and dirty oil 100 percent. New pre-coat filter cartridges efficiently extract small particles, so that the filtered oil retains NAS 7 quality for quite some time. Another advantage Vomat systems offer is their energy efficiency. They filter and backwash only once sensors signal a significant accumulation of sludge particles. This ensures a continuous clean oil supply, while ensuring that filters and grinding oil can remain in the system for a long time.

In addition to all the above mentioned design advantages, Vomat systems offer the extreme control accuracy and precise temperature control of the grinding oil in the range of ± 0.1 K is an important prerequisite for reliable production with reproducible results.

Pre-coat filtration systems don't require any filtration aids which usually render the contaminated sludge as non-sellable. The recycling process is fully automatic. The sludge is deposited into a drum ready to be collected by a recycling company of your choice.  

All Vomat systems are PLC controlled and can be serviced and monitored remotely, via Wi-Fi.

Jan Froehlich remarks: "Modern grinding machines and state of the art fine filtration systems make for a strong team and guarantee utmost quality."

With quality filtration systems made by Vomat, tool grinders can extend the service life of their cutting tools, improve quality of their produced drills and routers and achieve process reliability and operational stability throughout their entire manufacturing system. Vomat systems also help to conserve energy, minimize drag-out and reduce cooling lubricant cost.

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