Koepfer America Gear School 2016 Offers Courses on Gear Basics

Koepfer America recently completed Gear School 2016. This is known formally as the Fundamentals of Parallel Axis Gear Manufacturing semin...

Koepfer America concluded their 2016 session of Gear School in May.

Koepfer America recently completed Gear School 2016. This is known formally as the Fundamentals of Parallel Axis Gear Manufacturing seminar. Held in May of 2016, the three-day course covered information on the gear manufacturing industry. In the future, the seminar will continue its established reputation as a leader for gear manufacturing education.

The seminar was designed for entry-level personnel, but it can also be a great refresher for those with industry experience. It helps gear shops of all sizes bring their employees up-to-speed on a wide range of topics. Attendees learn several topics, such as troubleshooting gear errors, basic gear nomenclature, the hobbing and shaping processes, gear grinding and much more. These topics provide valuable knowledge to all types of attendees, including manufacturing management, industrial engineers, supervisors, set-up personnel, operators and quality control.

The seminar is proud to offer tours of industry-leading gear production facilities, such as Overton Chicago Gear and Forest City Gear. Tours to industry-relevant factories help supplement the course schedule and offer an up-close look at gear tool sharpening and high performance coating services. By seeing these companies in person, attendees gain insight into several facets of the gear manufacturing industry.

Koepfer America continually updates and evolves the seminar, so that it remains contemporary and valuable for attendees. New topics have been added, such as High-Performance Coatings and an extended look at the variety of hard finishing processes. Other topics like Production Estimating are revamped each year to reflect the latest trends in gear production. The gear school remains an up-to-date course that continues to train the latest gear industry personnel from across the country. The next Gear School will be held in May 2017. 

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