IMTS 2016: DVS Technology Group (N-6762)

Buderus Schleiftechnik UGrind Workshop MachineBuderus Schleiftechnik will be presenting the new Buderus UGrind - an innovative workshop m...

The Buderus UGrind can be configured for external and internal, face and cone surface grinding as well as hard turning operations.

Buderus Schleiftechnik UGrind Workshop Machine

Buderus Schleiftechnik will be presenting the new Buderus UGrind - an innovative workshop machine designed for efficient and flexible hard finishing of small batches. Thanks to the multifunctional tool revolver for grinding, turning and measuring operations, as well as the intuitive operating software with integrated processing and measuring cycles and automatic calculation of the most efficient process strategy, machining time for the manufacturing of shafts and chucking components can be reduced by up to 50 percent.

Depending on the configuration required by the user, the Buderus UGrind carries out external and internal, face and cone surface grinding as well as hard turning operations highly productively with minimum travel. The integrated measuring probe controls and monitors machining until the required final dimension has been achieved, which means time-consuming processes such as successive feeding and re-measuring are no longer required. Optimized lever arm ratios and the thermo-symmetrical structure of the Buderus UGrind guarantee a high degree of dynamic and thermal machine stability and thus ensure constant reproducibility of the required manufacturing qualities.

Präwema Antriebstechnik Vario Cross Honing

Präwema Antriebstechnik GmbH will be presenting its latest innovation in the top technology field for optimizing gearing surfaces - the Vario Cross Honing technology. By using a specially developed oscillation method during the honing process, Vario Cross Honing enables surface roughness to be reduced even further, resulting in another increase in the surface quality of geared components. This innovation allows gearing manufacturers to produce wear- and noise-reduced vehicle gearboxes with higher torque transmission.

Pittler PV315 Gear Cutter

Pittler T&S GmbH will be presenting the PV315, which is the very latest addition to the PV3 family of machines for complete machining and has been specially adapted to the requirements of commercial vehicle components such as gearbox components like ring gears. Equipped with a multi-function head, Y-axis and tool magazine for up to 20 different machining tools, the PV315 turns, drills, grinds, mills, deburrs and machines internal and external gearing of the quality class IT6 using the efficient power skiving method. This results in a surface quality with an Rz value of less than 2 µm on the tooth flanks as well as a main time three times lower than if the shaping method were used. At the same time, tool costs are reduced since the versatile tool magazine of the Pittler PV315 provides a skiving tool for rough skiving first followed by a finishing skiving tool, thus significantly extending the service life of the higher quality finishing tool.    

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