IMTS 2016: Euro-Tech Corp. (W-2453)

Mytec Mechanical Arbors and ChucksEuro-Tech Corporation's IMTS 2016 product lineup includes MyTec Hydraclamp expansion elements, the ...

Euro-Tech's IMTS display will include Mytec\'s arbors and chucks.

Also in Euro-Tech's lineup will be Frenco's line of spline gages.

Also in Euro-Tech's lineup will be Frenco's line of spline gages.

Mytec Mechanical Arbors and Chucks

Euro-Tech Corporation's IMTS 2016 product lineup includes MyTec Hydraclamp expansion elements, the optimal connecting link between workpiece and machine. Now Mytec is introducing its new line of Mechanical Arbors and Chucks with accuracy down to .0004" plus high expansion rates up to .010" or greater in a stainless steel construction. Mechanical arbors and chucks are excellent for workholding where high forces are incurred or auto load applications where high clearance is required. Mytec elements feature a closed expansion system, which is absolutely impervious to dirt and chips guaranteeing a long service life.

Frenco Spline Gages

Euro-Tech's Frenco spline gage product line provides a quick method of inspecting involute splines, serration splines and straight sided splines to ensure interchangeability of parts even between different manufacturers. Frenco's INO System is an internal standard for the external dimensional measurement of spline gages developed based on national and international standards that is suited to even the most highly sensitive and complex components and systems.

Kostyrka Clamping Sleeves

Precise and long-lasting, Kostyrka slotted clamping sleeve technology is based on the idea of creating a shaft-hub joint actuated by hydraulic pressure to efficiently support the workholding function of modern machine tools which users can depend on for reliable operation day after day and year after year.

Knabel Valve Seat Inspection System

Euro-Tech's Knabel product line offers a Valve Seat Inspection System for the complete measurement of cylinder heads in automotive, small engine, motorcycle and diesel engine applications. The VSM is a manual gage and uses mandrels armed with inductive built-in transducers. Measurement by the VSM is fast, taking only three seconds for a reading.

PG1000-400S-4K Cutting Tool Inspection Gage

Euro-Tech will be introducing the PG1000-400S-4K cutting tool inspection gage, adding true 4K inspection capability to their PG1000 product line with magnification to 400x and X-micron linear scales. 4K gives you visual resolution of at least four times more pixels than conventional 1080 pixel HD resolution, making it ideal for inspecting micro tools. All PG1000 gages are made in America.

Tschorn 3D Tester

Euro-Tech is excited to add a new product line in 2016, the Tschorn 3D Tester. The Tschorn 3D Tester stands out with its robust structure and slim and attractive design. Its precise and versatile capabilities enable fast and easy calculation of workpiece reference points and lengths. Probing is possible in all axle directions (X/Y/Z) at the same indicator resolution. As soon as the indicator is at "0," the vertical axis is exactly on the edge of the work piece.

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