Kapp Technologies Takes Majority Ownership in Penta Gear Metrology

Kapp Technologies announces it has become majority partner in Penta Gear Metrology, LLC. Penta Gear Metrology LLC builds both functi...

The PGM400 will be introduced during IMTS 2016.

Kapp Technologies announces it has become majority partner in Penta Gear Metrology, LLC.
Penta Gear Metrology LLC builds both functional and analytical gear measuring systems used in most gear manufacturing plants from automotive transmissions to industrial drives. The Dayton, OH company is known for innovative design and modern intuitive software. Penta Gear Metrology (formerly Pentagear Products and PECO) pioneered the gear analyzer technology with advances in software and motion control systems beginning in 1999. Penta Gear Metrology proudly serves Pentagear and PECO customers on four countinents and is highly regarded for support. President Marvin Nicholson has led the company through the transition and remains a partner.
"The partnership with Kapp Technologies expands opportunities for us and provides resources to accelerate our new developments," said Nicholson. "We are excited to introduce the PGM400 at IMTS 2016 It is the larger and faster brother to the smaller ND products.“
Penta Gear Metrology also offers a retrofit or "REPOWER“ of certain used gear analyzers. The PGM motion system and software is adapted to provide a cost effective solution for gear manufacturers. Penta Gear Metrology LLC is ISO 9001, ISO14001 & QS 9000/TE Registered.
"This was a natural progression for us,“ says Bill Miller, vice president sales at Kapp Technologies, “With Penta Gear Metrology we now serve our entire market with analytical gear inspection systems. Penta Gear is a perfect fit with the larger systems of R&P Metrology Systems."
For the complete line of machines offered by Penta Gear Metrology LLC, go to the website below.

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