Traub TNL18 Series Automatic Lathe Line Adds New Lathes and Drive Train

The Traub TNL18 series Swiss-style automatic lathes perform more dynamically with an enhanced CNC control, axis amplifier, and more dynam...

Traub has added a number of new lathes and other products to their TNL18 series.

The Traub TNL18 series Swiss-style automatic lathes perform more dynamically with an enhanced CNC control, axis amplifier, and more dynamic drives, resulting in significantly improved accelerations and top speeds. In extensive tests, the developers made sure that the mechanical conditions of the machine harmonize with the new dynamics.

The new Traub TNL18 dynamic includes an optimized drive train which will benefit all machines in the Traub sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe range: The TNL18-7B with its seven linear axes and the B-axis on the upper turret; the TNL18-9 with autonomous counter spindle and nine linear NC axes; and the TNL18-9P, optimized for series production.

The rugged mechanical construction of the Traub TNL18 machines effectively handles the new accelerations, which are up to 25 percent faster than the previous TNL18. Better acceleration and optimized NC programs can reduce machining times by up to 21 percent, while the quality of workpieces remains unchanged.

However, the savings depend also on the complexity of the workpiece. While for a "simple" shaft that is machined mostly at constant cutting speeds and with only a few tool changes, the savings are about five percent, it is completely different for a dental implant with numerous different turning, drilling and milling operations. Besides reduced secondary times, the shorter acceleration and deceleration processes allow significantly higher feed rates for these complex cutting contours, resulting in the said 21 percent time savings.

Even if the user does not implement such cycle time-related optimization measures, he still benefits from the new power train. A much higher contour accuracy is possible, and on components with high precision requirements, this can be of great benefit if it reduces the number of measurement processes required.

The new range of machines includes the new control generation TX8i-s V7 on the TNL18-7B dynamic and TNL18-9 dynamic. It offers enhanced performance with more powerful hardware. The TX8i-s V7 comes with many convenient features for programming, editing, simulating, setting up and operating. The 15" multi-touch display allows both conventional menu operation using a keyboard and the use of touch functions.

And with the TX8i-s V7, the user is well prepared for Industry 4.0 and future requirements. The control can also provide a wealth of digital information, process it, and pass it on. It also provides important automation interfaces, such as the industrial M2M communication protocol OPC UA, and allows integrating the machine into the corporate network.    

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