AGMA 2017 Gear Failure Analysis

San Francisco, CA. Learn the skills necessary to diagnose gear failures and prescribe remedies. Study six classes of gear tooth failure: overload, bending fatigue hertzian fatigue, wear, scuffing, and cracking. Examine each failure mode as illustrated by color slides and field samples because of the magnification inherent in slide projection.  Engage in group activity and discussion in a hands-on practical exercise using field samples and a case study. Recommended preparation for Gear Failure Analysis is the archived AGMA webinar, Metallurgy of Gear Materials, presented by Dr. Phil Terry. This webinar is excellent especially for those with no training in metallurgy. The webinar is available by download free for members and $159 for non-members. Gear engineers, users, researchers, maintenance technicians, lubricant experts, and managers should attend. 

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