Ipsen One-Day Maintenance Seminars

With the successful conclusion of last year's customer seminars in California, Texas and Connecticut, Ipsen will begin 2017 by continuing to provide one-day, expert-taught classes throughout the United States. Ipsen's next available seminars will occur on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in Greenville, South Carolina and on Wednesday, March 1 in West Chester, Ohio.

During these one-day training sessions, you will learn how to master the nuances of maintenance and aerospace compliance. You will also be able to take part in an open-forum discussion on your specific maintenance challenges throughout the day.

Specific topics covered during the seminar include vacuum and atmosphere furnace maintenance best practices, optimizing operations with predictive maintenance and achieving and maintaining aerospace compliance.

Ipsen has been providing training to the heat treatment industry for 30+ years, both on-site at Ipsen U and at customers' facilities. This local seminar carries on the tradition of these trainings, teaching you best practices for regaining control of your equipment and offering expert insight into specific issues you might be experiencing on a daily basis.

The seminar is $60 per registration, including meals and handouts. Additional locations will also be available soon. 

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