Marposs Announces Plans to Release New Probing System at WESTEC

Marposs Corp. will showcase its new Mida E83 probing system with optical transmission for CNC machining centers and milling machines boot...


Marposs Corp. will showcase its new Mida E83 probing system with optical transmission for CNC machining centers and milling machines booth at WESTEC.

According to Marposs’ press release, the new Mida E83 optical transmission system enables full 360-degree data transmission and eliminates the need for line-of-sight mounting of transmitter and receiver. The E83WA (wide angle) transmitter may be used in multi-spindle applications.

The company also plans to display the M1 Wave electronic bore gauge with Bluetooth wireless technology, 3D Shape Inspector software for on-machine measurement applications, and the new Merlin$B!&(Bcompact gauge computer for machine tools.

The Mida E83 system transmits measuring data from the spindle-mounted touch probe to the machine tool CNC using an infrared signal. A modular interface unit used for decoding signals from the transmitter for use by the machine tool CNC is available in three versions to satisfy diverse installation requirements.

All elements of the E83 system are designed to withstand challenging shop floor conditions and their modularity allows selection of suitable configuration for each application. Marposs also offers a wide range of software packages for the most widely used CNCs, which includes macros easily programmable for part checking and measuring during machining.

The new 3D Shape Inspector software offers advantages in the measurement and inspection of both sculptured parts and geometrical features directly in the machine tool.In addition to checking the part shape and its dimensions, the 3D Shape Inspector program generates Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) reports and allows for immediate reworking of out-of-tolerance measurements without time lost for sending the part for measuring on a CMM and then re-fixturing and setting up the part after inspection.

The new Marposs M1 Wave electronic bore gauge provides freedom and accuracy in a hand-held measuring device. The new M1 Wave bore gauge provides guaranteed 0.5 micron (20 millionths inch) repeatability over the measuring range of 3 to 300 mm diameter.

The new Merlin compact computer is designed for use on measuring applications where up to 16 characteristics can be displayed in alpha-numeric or graphical format together with basic statistical analysis such as histograms, control charts, value charts, etc. Merlin represents a new gauge computer concept for data collection from traditional or wireless measuring devices. It uses the same technologies created for today’s PDA and portable electronic units and runs Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 software. Embedded technology with fan-less architecture and no moving parts assures high system reliability.

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