GEARCALC Software Officially Released

GEARCALC, a software program for sizing and rating cylindrical gears, now offers demos for downloading.

Three parts offer algorithms to the engineer to successfully accomplish his task:

GEARCALC designs maximum-capacity gearsets that have minimum volume and weight.

AGMA 2001 is the implementation of the complete method from the AGMA to rate a given set of gears.

AGMA 925 is used to rate the probability of micro pitting and to obtain information about the situation concerning lubrication.

The software GEARCALC for Windows is the successor of the DOS program GEARCALC which was produced and distributed by Geartech Software, a company founded and run by Robert Errichello. The new software was jointly developed by Geartech and KISSsoft AG (the Swiss specialist for technical calculation software ). The current version uses the same algorithms for sizing gears but with a modern and more efficient user interface.

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