Ipsen Announces Organizational Changes

As Ipsen focuses on supporting the industry, they have announced that several strategic changes will be made in the company's organiz...

Patrick McKenna has been promoted to President and CEO of Ipsen USA.

As Ipsen focuses on supporting the industry, they have announced that several strategic changes will be made in the company's organizational structure in an effort to strengthen their position as the leading global provider of integrated heat treatment solutions.

"We are in an exciting period of growth for Ipsen, which has been built on both innovation and exceeding customer expectations. The Ipsen Group focus ensures that we continue to strengthen Ipsen performance in all global markets, delivering the same quality and performance anywhere in the world," said Geoffrey Somary, Ipsen Group COO.

As part of this growth, Somary will leave his USA position and focus fully on his Group responsibilities with CEOs at all entities (Europe, USA, China, Japan and India) continuing to report directly to him. Somary started at Ipsen in 2005, and for the past four years, has held the dual responsibilities of Ipsen USA CEO and Ipsen Group COO. Jake Hamid, who has been with Ipsen since 2007, will also leave his position as Ipsen USA COO and move into the position of Ipsen Group Director of Global Product Development and Manufacturing.

Ipsen USA has announced that Patrick McKenna will be promoted to Ipsen USA President & CEO, responsible for all entity functions including sales, engineering, operations, service, finance and human resources. McKenna states, "My focus from day one will be on delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers and ensuring that the established Ipsen performance culture continues far into the future."

McKenna has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and has served on the Metal Treating Institute Board of Directors for 10 years (2016 President). He worked at Ipsen as a mechanical engineer for four years before leaving to co-found a successful commercial heat treating and brazing company. He divested his interest in that company in 2015 and returned to Ipsen as Vice President of Sales.

Other promotions include Pete Kerbel to Ipsen USA Vice President of Sales, who takes on responsibility for sales of new equipment, retrofits and parts. Kerbel started at Ipsen in 2008 and most recently was the Director of Aftermarket Sales, which when combined with service, totals nearly 50 percent of annual sales for Ipsen USA.

With 2017 expected to be the eighth straight year of growth for Ipsen USA, there is a new generation of experienced leaders that have earned their promotions in addition to those listed above. According to Ipsen, the expertise and commitment of these individuals, and the entire Ipsen Team, will allow them to continue guiding the company forward down a winning path - a path that always focuses on innovation and ensuring one satisfied customer at a time. 

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