Two Publications from Society of Lubrication and Tribology Available

The completely revised and updated Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume I: Application and Maintenance, Second Edition, is now available.

This new comprehensive reference provides the facts, figures and equations that engineers, researchers and technicians in the field of lubrication and tribology frequently use. The second edition covers the latest technology related to application and maintenance procedures, as well as changes in our understanding of how lubrication principles impact implementation.

According to the association’s press release, the handbook was completely reorganized to incorporate new topics such as biotribology, tribology of data storage devices, tribology of metal forming processes, environmental implications of lubricants and applications in the microelectronics industry.

To order now, please go to or phone (847)825-5536. The price is $225 for members and $250 for non-members.

In addition, The Metalworking Fluids was recently published. Content includes chapterson metal cutting,air quality, fluid mist in the workplace, costs and benefits of metalworking fluids, fluid performance, microbial control, waste treatment management, and health and safety issues. $125 member price; $140 non-member price.

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