Conicity Technologies Named Alliance Partner for Department of Defense

Conicity Technologies was named an alliance partner of the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM).

According to NCDMM’s Alliance Partner Charter, "The objective of NCDMM is to support the Department of Defense’s transformation to more cost-effective, sustainable and maintainable use of high performance materials through a focused initiative for the development of advanced machining and manufacturing techniques."

Alliance partners may participate in NCDMM-sponsored technical and research programs, perform research that NCDMM cannot or chooses not to perform, provide technological support to NCDMM, and help promote technology.

As an alliance partner, Conicity Technologies will participate in NCDMM initiatives to:

Develop more efficient and cost-effective means of machining advanced work piece materials.

Increase industry, cutting tool suppliers, machine tool builders and end-user participation in federally-funded research and development programs.

Foster greater cooperation and coordination among manufacturing technology providers and their customers.