Schott Systems’ New Video Highlights Bending Capabilities

One of the newest features of Schott Systeme advanced 3D modeling tools included within its CAD CAM software is the 'Pictures by PC 3.2' video outlining how '3-D Bending' can help customers in the fields of mechanical, concept and jewelry design.

Unlike the usual modeling tools found within 3D CAD software, such as extrude, rotate and skinning, 3-D bending forms part of a set of advanced ?deformation' functions. Simple but very powerful, the user needs only enter a bend ?radius' and/or bend ?angle', in addition to the bend direction and neutral axis.

Obvious applications for such a tool include the creation of sheet metal parts, with the bending of flanges and lips. However, Schott Systeme are using their latest CAD CAM 'Tricks n Tips' video to showcase some more imaginative uses of the bending tool.

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