AGS Manufacturing Training Series - Lean Six Sigma Strategies for the Job Shop Environment

Naperville, Illinois. Lean Six Sigma has become a widely used methodology in manufacturing for reducing waste without sacrificing productivity. But for job shops, with their unique characteristics and needs, special considerations and strategies must be taken into account for optimal implementation of Lean Six Sigma in these environments. When considering the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a job shop environment, the use of several key strategies is critical. Failing to utilize these strategies can result in less than ideal outcomes. This one day seminar will examine the strategies for implementation of Lean Six Sigma in the job shop – featuring case studies and methods for success. Those that will benefit from this seminar include company owners and executives, managers and supervisors and members of an organization's improvement team. By learning about strategies for effective implementation specific to the job shop, attendees will be provided with methods to improve the Lean Six Sigma efforts in their facility, meaning less waste and improved productivity and profitability.

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