AGS Manufacturing Training Series - A Study of Non-Destructive Testing, Surface Temper Inspection, and Barkhausen for Manufacturing

Naperville, Illinois. Key inspections in the manufacturing process are essential for ensuring quality, meeting customer requirements, as well as regulatory compliance such as Nadcap. Having a solid understanding of these processes is essential for a number of roles in manufacturing – from inspectors and engineers to supervisors and operators. This course will provide an introductory overview of the common inspection procedures including, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection and surface temper etch. The causes of the quality problems these inspections are used to identify will also be addressed. This course will also provide an opportunity to learn about the Barkhausen Noise Analysis Method for detecting surface defects in parts. With a better understanding of these processes, the attendee will be better equipped to understand the critical role of these inspection procedures and their impact on providing quality products.

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