AGS Manufacturing Training Series - Advanced Methods and Best Practices for Gear Process Engineering

Naperville, Illinois. The intensive three-day course is a follow-up to "An Introduction to Gear Process Engineering" conducted by Arvin Global Solutions (AGS). It is designed to provide attendees with a solid understanding of the methods and best practices for the successful processing of gears for manufacturing. In this course, the attendees will learn: minimizing and compensating for heat treat distortion with machining methods, critical quality procedures to include in the process, expert tips and tricks to review and refine a process for achieving optimal productivity and cost savings and much more. Upon completing the course, attendees will have studied existing gear processes and learned best practice methods for developing their own. Attendees will develop their own processes on complex parts that will be reviewed by a panel of experts for opportunities for improvement. Manufacturing process engineers, experienced process engineers and people involved in quoting should attend.   

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