KISSsys Training - Modeling Gearboxes, System Calculations and Vehicle Gearboxes

Bubikon, Switzerland.The first part of the training has the objective to introduce KISSsys and the modeling of gearboxes using different modeling techniques. On the first day, participants will learn how to create single shaft models. On the second day, participants will see how to handle models with coaxial shafts. In addition, special kinematic conditions - like a powersplit - will be looked at and calculated. Practical exercises of industrial gearboxes will conclude the basic training.

The second part of the KISSsys training introduces participants to system based calculations and other important functionalities in KISSsys. This includes the efficiency calculation, calculation considering housing deformations, modal analysis and system reliability. Possibilities to perform a load spectrum analysis and its combination with system calculations will be shown. Programing of a basic code to export result data will conclude the day.

The special topic of the third part is the modeling and calculation of vehicle gearboxes. Participants will be introduced to specialized applications and example projects. Thereafter, working principles of double clutch transmissions and shifting transmissions with a planetary stage will be presented and explained. The tooth contact analysis under consideration of shaft deflection and the basic sizing of modifications complement the training objective.  

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Bubikon - Switzerland