IMTS 2018: Vomat

Only through the use of extremely clean grinding oils can high quality cutting tools be ground economically and reliably against increasi...

Vomat will be presenting its latest filtration systems at IMTS 2018.

Only through the use of extremely clean grinding oils can high quality cutting tools be ground economically and reliably against increasingly tight tolerance requirements. To meet these requirements, the filtration system manufacturer Vomat provides compact, powerful and energy-efficient solutions for the metal processing industry. Vomat will be showing examples for individually tailored concepts for the filtration of cooling lubricants at IMTS 2018 (Booth N-237475).

Vomat filtration systems are ideal for filtering oils and removing the ultra-fine particles that result from grinding, honing, lapping, eroding and other metal working processes. The automatically controlled filter backwash process is activated only on demand and separates contaminated and clean oil 100 percent. Using a combination of frequency controlled filter pumps and on demand filtration, the resulting energy consumption is extremely positive and much lower than competing units.

The special high-performance pre-coat filters ensure that clean oil meeting the purity class of NAS 7 (3-5 μm) is available for the grinding process for long periods of time. Vomat filtration systems are low-maintenance, compact and are available in several sizes ranging from stand-alone units for single machines to plant-wide central systems. Their modular concept, offering a plethora of cooling and disposal options along with the ability to handle mixed use of carbide and HSS, allows for customized systems which will suit everybody's needs.

Besides the compact stand-alone units of the FA series (70 to 1200 liter flow rate/minute), the new Vomat vacuum belt filter UBF will certainly be a focus of the fair. With a filtration fineness of 3 to 25 μm, it is ideally suited for filtering oils and emulsions contaminated with steel, HSS, binders and grinding wheel particles.

According to Vomat, the UBF filter requires about 70 percent less space while delivering 100 percent of the performance when compared to conventional systems offered in the market place.

Vomat's sales manager, Steffen Strobel states: "Efficient, space- and energy-saving filtration is becoming increasingly important. Choosing the right filtration system will have a positive impact on production costs. Thanks to Vomat technology, a lot of money can be saved in production."

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