BGA Gears 2018

Coventry, United Kingdom. The British Gear Association is the UK Center of Technical Excellence for gear design, manufacture & application technologies. The Annual Technical Awareness Event is the leading conference for the Gear Industry in the UK and this long running seminar is considered an essential event for manufacturers, distributors and academics involved in the UK gears industry.

Gears 2018 provides an outstanding forum to generate discussion and share ideas with others on all aspects of power transmission technology, commercial interests and the future of manufacture within the UK.

In addition to the cutting edge lectures and speeches from pre-eminent experts there will be plenty of opportunity to network with the leading Gear companies, manufacturers, distributors and academics. This will be your chance to share opportunities, discuss challenges and promote your interests to like minded people.

Speakers include reps from AMRC, Design Unit, Dontyne Systems, Kapp-Niles and more.  

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