Buehler Introduces AutoMet Pro Grinder Polishers

Buehler, an ITW company has introduced the AutoMet family, new semi-automatic grinder-polishers that enhance the company’s metallog...

Buehler's programmable AutoMet Pro Grinder Polishers include color touchscreen controls for advanced methods and quick swipe between method steps for easy process setup.

Buehler, an ITW company has introduced the AutoMet family, new semi-automatic grinder-polishers that enhance the company’s metallography equipment offering. The AutoMet 250, AutoMet 250 Pro and AutoMet 300 Pro grinder-polishers are ideal for customers in material testing or demanding environments needing to process a high volume of samples. They feature a brand new intuitive touch screen interface that is simple to learn and quick to operate. The AutoMet Pro models also include advanced programming features such as method storage and z-axis material removal to ensure consistent results regardless of operator. 

Matthew Callahan, Buehler’s global product manager, explains, “From speaking to our customers, we knew that today’s production labs need to move quickly, and they need a reliable grinder polisher that can be programmed no matter who is working the shift.  So, the Buehler innovation team created the AutoMet Pro grinder polishers to expedite the sample preparation process and improve the quality of the samples while saving time and money in the training of laboratory technicians. Customers have already noted the difference it makes in their daily production.  It has eliminated constantly setting the machine and the possibility of human error.   The AutoMet supports complex lab applications and is also ideal for high throughput labs especially in the automobile, aerospace, medical device, electronics, heat treat, metals  and other manufacturing industries.”

Buehler’s non-programmable AutoMet 250 Grinder-Polisher offers push-button controls and digital readouts. All AutoMet models have been redesigned for a new look and feel, while retaining the reliability that comes with the Buehler name. Quick cleaning features like an adjustable water spout, 360-degree bowl rinse, and bowl liners save time and effort during daily cleaning.   

Reproducibility and automation can be further improved by integrating the Burst Dispensing System, which also optimizes abrasive usage to save on consumables spend. Another new highlight of the AutoMet grinder-polishers is “Rinse and Spin” which cleans polishing surfaces and the platen at the press of a button.   Buehler also offers a complete line of compatible accessories (splash guard, recirculation tank, disposable bowl liner and more) and consumables (silicon carbide grinding discs, diamond grinding discs, polishing cloths and diamond suspensions and pastes) that are available in the online shop.

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