Timken Expands Round Bar Capabilities

The Timken Co. announced that it has further expanded its rolled carbon and alloy steel round bar capabilities and can now produce a

maximum diameter of 15 inches. The additional capabilities are the scond expansion of the size range in less than a year.

The rolled bar, developed for specific applications, makes it easier for customers to work with as they manufacture their own products.

The new product features a consistent diameter along the full length of the bar.In addition, Timken’s large round bars have more hot work than cast ingots, which may allow more flexibility in the size of products that a forger can make.

Rolled bar is used to produce parts for applications such as rolled rings, forgings, gears, bearings and valves for users in the industrial, energy and bearing markets.

According to the company’s press release, Timken is the only domestic U.S. manufacturer to roll 13-, 14- and 15-inch round bars and can produce them in lengths up to 27 feet, 23 feet and 20 feet, respectively.

In addition to those capabilities, Timken recently announced a $60 million expansion to enable it to produce small bar steel down to 1 inch in diameter.

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