Varvel Introduces New Automation System

The Varvel Group has introduced Dadistel, an automation system for control of production in mechanical machining departments that enables...

Dadistel is a new automation system from The Varvel Group.

The Varvel Group has introduced Dadistel, an automation system for control of production in mechanical machining departments that enables effective and efficient time management, providing invaluable real-time information and accurate estimates on delivery times and the availability of resources, as well as an analysis of production processes and trends. 

In the coming months, this extremely advanced tool will enable integrated monitoring of production flows, with a clear improvement in terms of reliability and performance. This resource enables accurate, profitable control of timings, providing information on timing related to preparation, retooling, machining, downtime/pauses, production resumption and changeover. Equally important is the counting of parts, approved and/or rejected, in addition to the indication of average statistical times for parts produced, namely cycle, machine, loading/unloading.

These real-time calculations bring improvements in management, with benefits that affect estimates relating to delivery times and the availability of resources, favoring the entire just-in-time supply chain and producing a significant improvement in the supply chain overall. To make daily and periodical monitoring even more meticulous, Dadistel also provides analysis of production processes and trends, together with machine and loading/unloading performance details, plus essential production data.

Some product highlights:

Timings includes the information that is made available in various formulas to suit different requirements at different times: at the same time as machining; as a record of work completed; based on groupings by period and sub-period (such as shifts, days, weeks, months, quarters, years); in relation to a machine, a department or a work island and even based on references/criteria of interest.

In view of the ease and speed of installation, the Dadistel system has can be applied to all machine tools, from the oldest to the most modern, whatever brand and model they are. In addition, as it is a passive system, if offers the unique advantage of making no modifications whatsoever to existing plants.

Another feature is the fully independent data collection, which does not require operator intervention or the use of bar code readers. This means that
Dadistel guarantees objective information that cannot be manipulated, plus this information can be integrated within different perspectives, tailored to the needs of all operators – production managers, workshop managers, factory managers, owners – based on roles and requirements.

Dadistel is an artificial intelligence which, by its very nature, learns from past events and continually improves its analyses. It has already obtained a patent for the innovative combined hardware/software system on which it is based. Its introduction was facilitated by the fact that the new system integrates with the major order management and planning systems, with an interface that allows its immediate and simple use, with room for extensive customization.

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