Samputensili Invests 4.7 Million Euros in Ennvironmentaly Friendly Manufacturing Facility

Samputensili S.p.A. announced an investment of 4.7 million euros for the building of a new manufacturing facility of Ortona (Chieti, Italy). The new plant will be located alongside the existing gear cutting tool and rotor plant.

According to the company's press release, the new plant will be constructed with a focus on ecology. Designed to comply with ISO 14001 environmental certification, the facility was designed with thermal cu t, double glazed windows and insulated boundary walls and foundation.

Samputensili is also installing an integrated photovoltaic system that will be able to generate 380 MWh/year, covering 8% of the factory's annual energy requirements. Panels are made from micro-crystalline modules with two inverter devices in a master/slave configuration. At dawn, the master inverter is turned on and, when the work load reaches a sufficiently high level, the parallel slave inverter is activated. This configuration makes it possible to save a further 2% and to save on long-term maintenance costs, as the system does not contain any moving mechanical parts.

The 1.7 million euro photovoltaic system was designed by Enerray, a Maccaferri Industrial Group company that operates in the field of environmentally-friendly energy performance systems.

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Samputensili S.p.A.
SU America is a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy and a part of the multi-national Maccaferri Industrial Group. ...Read more Or visit

SU America is a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy and a part of the multinational Maccaferri Industrial Group of companies. Samputensili produces machines, tools and services for the gear manufacturing industry. Manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, France, Brazil, Korea, Japan and the United States. ...Read more Or visit