ZF’s New Gearheads Designed for Broad Range of Servo Applications

ZF launched a new range of compact WTE (WT Economy)single-state right-angled gearheads for OEM designers and maintenance engineers.

A one-piece aluminum body allows four ratios to be housed in the same size unit. In addition,universal mounting and the ability to fit all servomotors enables motors to be upgraded without requiring gearbox replacement. According to ZF’s press release, sealed-for-life internal gearing eliminates the need for maintenance.

By integrating the Gleason hypoid tooth design and quality taper roller bearings, WTE gearheads offer operation in high axial and radial load applications. The body design is machined from a single piece of cast aluminum, offering high levels of torque from a one-piece lightweight compact unit that lends itself for use in highly dynamic servo applications. The WTE range covers four ratios from 5:1 to 15:1 in the same sized unit, cutting design time and facilitating maintenance or upgrades.

Units are compatible with the maximum number of servo applications in industries ranging from packaging to assembly. Two shaft options are available--a solid shaft with input flange/couping and a choice of output flange mountings. Designed to be mounted in any orientation and to fit almost any motor, the input flange and coupling assembly allows motors to be replaced with higher power versions or larger frame sizes, without replacing the gearhead.

A coupling-based torque transfer assembly also allows for adjustment for minimizing machine vibration. By shrink fitting the input shaft and gearwheel into the unit, fretting and levels of backlash can be reduced to a minimal output torque up to 140 Nm.

The range is specified for applications requiring input speeds up to 5,000 rpm while creating low noise levels. In addition, the WTE gearheads are approved for use in Atex Zone II applications and are sealed for life.

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