Ikona Receives $1.7 Million Purchase Order

Ikona Gear International Inc. announced that it has received a purchase order in excess of $1.7 million to provide five oil and gas drawworks to a new U.S. customer.

A drawworks, the heart of the drilling rig, is the main hoisting winch on a drilling platform, designed to lift drilling lines up and down the drill hole. Ikona’s two-speed drawworks provide operators with enhanced lifting capacity, improved maneuvering at high speed, and the required power for heavy lifts. Ikona’s drawworks are completely enclosed and provide a smaller footprint than competitive products on the drilling deck. Their rugged, compact and lightweight design facilitates the ease of relocating a rig between drilling locations.

According to a company press release, the purchase order is the first the company has received for multiple drawworks.The company expects to receive further orders for increasing amounts of products over the coming weeks.

"This is the most significant oil and gas related order we have received to date," says Ikona CEO and president Laith Nosh.

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