ZollerFest 2019

Torrance, California. ZollerFest is focused on providing visitors a road map to optimized tool life, transparent tool storage and well-managed tooling consignment and inventory, all through the use of Zoller Solutions. This event is catered to all industries – from automotive to aerospace and defense, oil and gas to medical device manufacturers, and job shops alike – Zoller solutions fit into any production process to provide maximum efficiency. There will be several key presentations and demonstrations, including: 

•Tool Presetting Today, Connected Manufacturing Tomorrow
•Incoming Inspection Means Guaranteed Tool Accuracy
•Database Development Starts Here!
•Lowering Tool Costs with TMS
•Creating a Seamless Interface
•From Implementation to Actualization

The event  includes live demonstrations from Zoller experts. As a celebration of ZollerFest's’s German heritage, there will be a traditional Oktoberfest theme, with authentic German food and beer served throughout ZollerFest, as well as live music during lunch and the afternoon’s happy hour. Registration is free but space is limited. The event begins at 10:00 am and runs until 7:00 pm. Register at the website below.

For more information:

Zoller Inc.
(734) 332-4851