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Gear Hobbing—the State of the Art

by William R. Stott, Managing Editor

Our editors have scoured the internet to bring you a collection of videos demonstrating the state of the art in gear hobbing from the leading gear machine tool manufacturers. Learn how machinery makers are increasing the capabilities of their machines, providing more gear manufacturing productivity and flexibility than ever before.

Bourn & Koch

Bourn & Koch 400H Gear HobberThe BK 200/400 H can be flexibly configurated for dry or wet hobbing. Its chip removal capability has been further improved in order to remove even heaviest chip loads at highest cutting rates. The innovative through-hole work spindle drive allows for the clamping of shaft parts that exceed the actual work area limitations.

For more information:
Bourn & Koch Inc.
2500 Kishwaukee Street
Rockford, IL 61104
Phone: (815) 965-4013
Fax: (815) 965-0019

Drake Manufacturing

Drake Manufacturing GS:H Gear HobberDrake Manufacturing's GS:H series of vertical gear hobbers is available in a range of sizes for producing gears from 2-72" diameter.

For more information:
Drake Manufacturing
4371 North Leavitt Road
Warren, OH 44485
Phone: (330) 847-7291
Fax: (330) 847-6323

Gleason Corporation

Gleason's Genesis 130H Gear HobberThe Gleason Genesis 130H Hobbing Machine is a vertical hobber capable of producing gears and shafts with an outside diameter as large as 130mm. The Genesis Hobber was designed as a totally new product incorporating the most modern features and capabilities required to today's gear production.

For more information:
1000 University Avenue
P.O. Box 22970
Rochester, NY 14692-2970
Phone: (585) 473-1000
Fax: (585) 461-4348


Koepfer's Model 300 Gear HobberThis video from Koepfer America demonstrates simultaneous rough and finish cutting of a gear segment on the Koepfer Model 200 with automatic part loading.

A number of advanced features are also shown in this video of the Koepfer Model 300 in action.

For more information:
Koepfer America LLC
635 Schneider Drive
South Elgin, IL 60177
Phone: (847) 931-4121
Fax: (847) 931-4192


Mitsubishi's GEA1200 model gear hobberMitsubishi's range of large gear machinery is described in this video which covers shaping and gashing in addition to hobbing.

For more information:
Mitsubishi Gear Technology Center
46992 Liberty Drive
Wixom, MI 48393
Phone: (248) 669-6136
Fax: (248) 669-0614


Samputensili's Invento series of gear machinesThe HG 1200 invento Gear Centre is specifically designed for the highly efficient production of geared workpieces up to 1,200 mm in outside diameter.

The H 80/140/200 series is the latest version of our hobbing machine line for small automotive applications, specially engineered for automotive applications. These machines have been designed for dry cutting applications in particular, though using oil or emulsion is also possible.

The T-Version of the H 80/140/200 comes equipped with a completely integrated turning unit. The machine is not conceived to replace full-scale, complex turning operations, but it really comes to the fore when extra precision is required.

Specially developed for high-performance dry or wet hobbing requirements up to 400 mm in diameter, the H 250/300/400 can machine straight and helical gears; crowned and tapered gears; worm gears; chain sprockets and toothed belt discs; cluster gears and special profiles, this series can utilise any known hob or form milling technology, from dry or wet machining with high capacity HSS or carbide tools to skive hobbing of heat-treated gears.

The H 250 CDM is based on the medium-sized line of hobbing machines. The H 250 CDM integrates an extremely functional chamfering unit with two tool heads. The fast gantry loader makes this series even more efficient and compact. Gears of up to 250 mm in diameter can be hobbed, chamfered and deburred on the same machine, making for great process versatility.

For more information:
Star SU LLC.
5200 Prairie Stone Parkway, Suite 100
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Phone: (847) 649-1450
Fax: (847) 649-0112