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   Gear Manufacturing Technology Update       January 15, 2020

State of the Gear Industry

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Every year Gear Technology publishes the "State of the Gear Industry" report, and it's time for us to collect our statistics for this year.

Please help us by filling out the annual survey. Your input helps us create a broad picture of the health of the gear industry, and the statistics provide us with a reliably year-to-year basis for comparison.

We're looking for input from everyone involved with the gear industry. So whether you are CEO, engineer or machinist, your participation is important to us. Whether you are a gear manufacturer or a supplier to gear manufacturers, your input is important to us.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Your responses will be kept completely anonymous.

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Randy Stott, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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Gear Nitriding in Vacuum

Gear Nitriding in Vacuum

Vacuum gas nitride processing from Solar Atmospheres can significantly increase the fatigue strength and service life of your parts. Benefits include case depths up to 0.025” and improved wear and anti-galling properties due to a 40 - 70% increase in surface hardness. Corrosion resistance is increased through nitrogen-enrichment.

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Introducing the NEW GEARBOX GENERATION - Licensing available

Introducing the NEW GEARBOX GENERATION - Licensing available

The new generation of gearboxes uses a differential.

  • No more switching gears
  • The motor can be kept running at constant speed, all the time
  • Higher efficiency
  • Even a small motor can produce a very high starting torque
  • The system is reversible (dynamic braking)
  • Cheaper to build

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Starrett Provides Software Solutions for Force and Material Testing

Starrett Provides Software Solutions for Force and Material Testing

The L.S. Starrett Co., a leading global manufacturer of precision hand tool gages, a broad range of force testing, metrology equipment, and more, has introduced a flexible selection architecture that enables the range of Starrett force and material testing software programs to be compatible with its different test frame series.

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