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Lubrication Innovations

Product Roundup

DayLube Extends Service Life

DayLube nanoceramic grease

DayLube nanoceramic grease.

New DayLube high performance nano-ceramic grease maintains its original viscosity and adhesion even after 100,000 production strokes - significantly extending service intervals for all types of production equipment. Nano-ceramic particles act as sub-microscopic ball bearings to provide continuous lubrication to steel surfaces, allowing DayLube to last 10-times longer than other greases. With a much lower coefficient of friction at all temperatures than traditional PTFE greases, chemically inert DayLube is also environmentally friendly. It maintains its viscosity across full temperature range and is NSF-H1 Food Grade Certified. DayLube provides friction reduction and wear resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as the protection of bearings, bushings cables, cams, chains, conveyors, gears, lifters, machine parts, robotics, slides, wear plates and more.

DayLube operates in temperature ranges from -40F to 800F - and the nanoceramic particles remain intact to 2,500F. It survived the ASTME 4-ball weld test with no weld and minimal damage to all ball bearings. Competitive brands, on the other hand, produced a soft weld after 2 seconds and complete failure and major damage to all bearings. DayLube has high load-bearing properties, a low dielectric constant, does not contain metal or silicone and is resistant to steam, acids, and most chemical products.

"Customers using DayLube report significantly longer service life - up to 10-times longer - than traditional PTFE lubricants," said Dayton Progress Marketing Communications Manager Brian Marsh. "Even when compared to nanotechnology products, DayLube has a lower cost per ounce. When considering all factors there is not a better lubricating value than DayLube"

DayLube is available in 16-ounce tubes and 16-ounce jars, as well as 1-gallon and 5-gallon pails. Industries benefiting from the use of DayLube include aerospace, agricultural, automotive, can makers, consumer goods, food and beverage processing, general manufacturing, marine, material handling, medical/scientific, military/national defense, pharmaceutical, stamping & fabricating, truck & bus, and more.

For more information:
Dayton Progress
Phone: (937) 859-5111

Oelheld Announces Sintogrind TTS-US

Sintogrind TTS is now manufactured in the USA

Sintogrind TTS is now manufactured in the USA.

Oelheld U.S. recently announced that the formerly imported grinding fluid Sintogrind TTS-US is now manufactured at their U.S. facility in Elgin, IL. SintoGrind TTS-US is formulated from synthetically produced poly-alpha-olefin based fluid, which provides unlimited life span if properly filtered. Lubricity lends to extended wheel life and minimal heat build-up in work pieces. This results in higher production rates and elimination of surface cracks. This product has no hazardous elements and exhibits stable viscosity at different temperatures. Oelheld's mission is to supply grinders with the best grinding fluid technology available on the market. In the future the company will keep updating grinding fluids in close cooperation with leading grinding machine tool manufacturers in order to strengthen speed and surface finish.

For more information:
Oelheld U.S.
Phone: (847) 531-8501

Techno-Sommer Offers Fluid Dispensing System

New fluid dispensing system from Techno-Sommer

New fluid dispensing system from Techno-Sommer.

In some automated assembly or machine lubrication applications it is difficult to get near the point that needs the fluid or lubricant. In some applications, the fluid is extremely expensive and must be dispensed very carefully and precisely. In some cases, a mist of lubricant is not acceptable for the surroundings - either in the air or on the surrounding equipment. And in some applications, moving the dispensing system in and out to the point of lubrication is too expensive. The new Techno-Sommer Sharpshooter lubrication system addresses all of these challenges. The system works off standard shop air at up to 90 psi and can place a drop of lubricant at up to 1 m away with pinpoint accuracy. A pressurized tank generates internal pressures up to 750 psi. When a pulse is generated, a fixed drop size is dispensed. Up to 8 dispensing nozzles can be attached to one tank. The dispensing nozzles are available in 4 sizes ranging from 5 mm3 to 100 mm3. An extension hose of up to 2 m in length allows for the dispensing nozzle to be placed around corners and in very hard to reach spots. The Sharpshooter will work with most fluids that do not contain solid particles or adhesives, with a viscosity range of 10 - 150 centi-Stokes (mm2/sec.) (SAE 75 gear oil to SAE 90 gear oil or cream to tomato juice).

For more information:
Phone: (517) 328-3970

Klüber Lubrication Releases High Performance Bonded Coating

Klübertop TG 05 N is the new high-performance bonded coating made by Klüber Lubrication offering dry lifetime lubrication. Besides its suitable wear and corrosion protection properties, the graphite-containing product Klübertop TG 05 N offers low friction coefficients, which is a particular advantage when used with oils or greases or during machine start-up. The new bonded coating supports these operations very well and contributes to increased component lifetime. Klübertop TG 05 N is temperature-resistant up to 300C. The new bonded coating shows its high performance both in dry and sandwich lubrication. A further advantage of Klübertop TG 05 N is its electric conductivity enabling discharge in the event of lightning strikes, which is an important feature for its application in casings of outdoor flow meters, e.g. in chemical plants or on ships.

"The development of Klübertop TG 05 N focused primarily on optimizing wear and corrosion protection", explains Rudolf Zechel, product manager for bonded coatings and pastes at Klüber Lubrication. "Furthermore, the product is formulated without N-methyl-pyrrolidone (NMP), making its handling and storage considerably easier compared to similar products."

Klübertop TG 05 N is already successfully used in fixing clamps and catch springs of household appliances and will replace the formerly used product in door hinges, sintered bearings, plain bearings and screw connections in automotive and measuring instrument applications soon. The new bonded coating is also suitable for many components used in bearing technology, electrical and precision engineering and the textile industry and in particular for applications in which oil or grease contamination must be avoided.

For more information:
Kluber Lubrication North America L.P.
Phone: (603) 647-4104

Cimcool Offers Technologically-Advanced Industrial Fluids

Cimcool 600 Series Metalworking fluids

Cimcool 600 Series Metalworking fluids.

Cimcool offers a variety of fluid options within its 600 series including:

Cimtech 609-E and Cimtech 609G are "hybrid synthetics" utilizing patented and commercial lubricants in combination for suitable grinding and machining performance. They are also functional for stamping and drawing applications. Cimtech 609-E is a second generation product that has much improved bacteria and mold protection without any loss of lubricity. It offers up to double the life of other similar products in well maintained systems.

Cimtech 610 is an innovative new generation synthetic metalworking fluid featuring a hybrid blend of patented and synthetic lubricants for use in heavy to severe duty applications. This unique blend of lubricants provides synergistic performance on difficult-to-machine-ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Cimtech 612NF is a "hybrid synthetic" utilizing patented and commercial lubricants in combination for suitable grinding and machining performance. With an excellent grinding ratio, tool life, finish, and sump life, this product can be used on both ferrous and most non-ferrous applications.

Quantalube 270XL is a new water soluble, "super-lubricant" metalworking fluid designed for heavy-duty grinding and machining operations. Quantalube 270XL's patented Extreme Pressure lubricant package provides outstanding stock removal, permitting high productivity increases. This product is recommended for all ferrous metals except gray cast iron. It can be used for individual machines or central systems.

For more information:
Cimcool Fluid Technology
Phone: (888) 246-2665