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March 2012

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Offshore Wind

Energy Potential Deep, but U.S. Outlook Murky

by Jack McGuinn, Senior Editor

Offshore Wind The latest, all-too-predictable back-and-forth in Washington over the failure to extend the energy tax credit will not only affect further U.S. expansion of land-based wind farms. Count on even greater havoc at play in the direction, financing and development of the next generation of wind-driven energy—i.e., off-shore coastal installations...

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photo courtesy Siemens


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Ipsen delivers a better choice.
Ipsen USA The unique HybridCarb® gassing system from Ipsen is an ultra-efficient gassing system designed to replace endothermic generators and other gassing systems. Its core strength is precision gas control. Instead of burning excess gas off, the process gas is reconditioned and reused, increasing efficiency up to 90%.

Other benefits of HybridCarb include:

  • Quick and easy hookup
  • Increased carburizing efficiency
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 90%
  • Significantly less expensive to operate than endogenerators
  • Consumes significantly less gas
  • Environmentally friendly and cost efficient
  • Lowers heat output creating a more comfortable work environment
  • Powers up and down at anytime, quickly and easily

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Goldstein's Gear Technology Matchmaking Service: Capacity Available

In the January/February 2012 issue, publisher Michael Goldstein offered to use this space to help our industry fill its excess manufacturing capacity. Here's the result.

Bevel Gears 12" - 80"
B&R Machine and Gear Corporation (Sharon, TN) is a custom manufacturing facility, specializing in bevel gears. From design consultation to packaging your product, we are able to offer complete in-house production. This not only prevents delays most commonly associated with outsourced operations, it also provides direct communication regarding real-time status of current production. The value of our customer service cannot be surpassed. We are currently seeking to manufacture bevel gears 12"-80" in diameter. We are capable of producing straights up to 80" in diameter and spirals/skews/hypoids/zerols up to 66" in diameter. Michelle Maddox, (800) 238-0651 or

Gear Hobbing and Shaping
Gear Master Inc. (Almont, MI) is a Small Veteran Owned gear manufacture with 12 employees. We have substantially increased our gear hobbing & gear shaping capacity in the last 18 months and are actively seeking new customers to do gear cut work for. We primarily service the aerospace, defense and heavy truck ( Caterpillar / Allison Transmission) markets. Also we support the medical industry on small gears for surgical drills and racheting tools. Also, we have capacity on our HAAS VF3SS 4-axis high speed milling center. For this machine we are seeking volume work or program work only. Terry Roach, Sales Manager, Gear Master, Inc. (810) 798-9254 or

Single Piece up to 5,000 Pieces
The Adams Company (Dubuque, IA) has a wide variety of equipment available to take your extra jobs:

  • Worm Gear hobbing (MAX 3DP and 18" OD)
  • Worm milling (including thread grinding) (3DP MAX. 8" OD MAX.; 16" OAL MAX.)
  • Broaching (15 TON MAX. PULL; 3 MACHINES)
  • Hobbing (spur & helical) (3DP MAX.; 20" OD MAX)
  • Shaping (Including CNC guideless shaping) (4 DP MAX; 18" OD)
  • Straight Tooth Bevel gear cutting (2.5 DP MAX. 2.5" FACE WIDTH MAX.)
  • ID/OD grinding (12" OD MAX.; 8" MAX. ID)

Patrick Meehan, (563) 583-3591 or

Precision Milling, Turning, Welding and Gear Cutting
Loudon Industries (Mercersburg, PA) can hob and shape internal and external spur or helical teeth, holding tolerances up to AGMA 11. Turning from 1/4" to 24" OD, one inch to 6 feet long. Grinding: Cylindrical OD, Face, Shoulder and Angle/Taper. 5-Axis milling. Robotic Welding. Quality Control via Zeiss Prismo CMM. Matt Gordon, Loudon Industries, (717) 328-9808 or

Hobbing and Shaping
Regal Gear (Wilmington, OH) has excess gear cutting capacity for the following types of machines: 36-6 Fellows shaper with a 7" riser, Fellows 8AGS gear shaper, and several # 7 shapers. We also have 36" Gould and Eberhart gear machines with and without differential. Plus several #3 and 6-10 Barber colman hobbers with diff. and power down feed. Any questions contact Gary or Mark at (937) 382-2815 or

Production Grinding
C&B Machinery (Livonia, MI) is a PPAP certified location that does prototype and production grinding for companies like Ford and GM and their Tier 1 suppliers. Our primary focus is flat and parallel parts, grinding the faces of parts. We have a wide variety of grinders to accommodate many part sizes and shapes. We also provide gap grinding for when a company's machine may be being serviced or out of commission. Fabrizio Tarara, (734) 462-0600 or

Tool Sharpening / Gear Blank Manufacturing
Bean Tool & Die (Clarksville, AR) can sharpen class AA straight gash hobs from 3/4" diameter x 3/4" long, up through 6" Diameter x 6" long. Our business has been sharpening these sizes of hobs for 16 years now in quantities of 30 to 40 hobs approximately every 10 days. Free shipping on hob sharpening orders of 25 or more. Quick turnaround times. Also offer precision turning and gear blank manufacturing. Bradley Williams, (479) 754-2217 or

Profile / Generating Grinding
AA-Gear/MAT (Howell, MI) has open capacity in our Gear Grinding department. We have a Hofler 700 profile grinder for larger diameters and prototype quantities. We also have Reishauer Models RZ 400 and RZ 260, which are suited for production volumes. In addition, AA-Gear/MAT has mix of 20-plus CNC and manual hobs, shapers and shavers. We can accommodate additional operational assist programs of substantial quantity if required. With four M&M gear measurement machines, third party inspection is also welcome. Dan Borgacz, (586) 707-7881 or

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Goldstein's Gear Technology Matchmaking Service: Wanted

Gear Grinding Capacity
We are looking for someone with Gear Grinding capacity. (preferably in the Midwest) (4 DP - 10DP RANGE; 3" - 10" OD RANGE; GENERATE AND/OR FORM GRINDING WOULD BE IDEAL). Patrick Meehan, (563) 583-3591 or


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Be There! Get in on the Gear Growth!
Applied Process More gears are being produced now than ever before, with demand expected to grow to more than $30 billion next year. The demand is not just for more gears, but better gears. That's why you need to attend IMTS 2012. The world's leading providers of machines, tools, software, automation and inspection systems will demonstrate their latest innovations. Grinders. Shapers. Lasers. EDM. Hobbers. Machining Centers. Lathes. Milling Machines. Testers. And More! When you attend IMTS, you hone your competitive edge. You have to be there to stay in the game. Sign Up Today!


News of Note

Things are happening in the gear industry. Here's a look at some of the latest.

USMTO Reports Increase in Manufacturing Technology Orders
January U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $401.69 million according to the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). This total, as reported by companies participating in the United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) program, was down 26.5 percent from December but up 8.4 percent when compared with the total of $370.46 million reported for January 2011...Read more.

AMT and AMTDA Announce Merger
The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association (AMTDA) recently announced the merger of the two associations that will integrate their products and services to better serve the members of both associations...Read more.

Sandvik Coromant Announces Structure Changes
Sandvik Coromant has announced a new regionalized business structure that will improve efficiency, growth and profit with a stronger and more enhanced focus on growth. As previously announced, John Israelsson will lead the new regional organization as president of Market Area Americas for Sandvik Coromant... Read more.

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