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GAMA 2.0 Highlights Gleason 650GMS Inspection System

by Matthew Jaster, Associate Editor

Gleason 650GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System

Gleason's 650GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System

Gleason Metrology Systems Corporation recently introduced the 650GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System for the inspection of gears as large as 650 mm in diameter. It was unveiled in early May at the 25th Control trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. The machine features probe travel: +/- 2.5 mm in the Y and Z direction, +/- 1.5 mm travel in the X axis, a fully digital 3-D scanning head with 20 Nm resolution, a kinematic probe mount system, integral to a probe crash protection system and Automatic Probe Change (APC) systems for all models. With a solid granite base, Meehanite cast-iron slide assemblies, linear drive motors and large-diameter heavy duty rotary table, the 650GMS is also designed and built to deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability for inspection of large workpieces up to 650 kg.

Its most significant option might be the inclusion of Gleason's GAMA 2.0 software, not only offering faster cycle times, but also a menu-driven interface that simplifies day to day operation. "GAMA utilizes a very intuitive operator interface which contains both text and graphical information about the part and its setup, and has a logically menu driven structure to support a feature-rich part programming routine," says Dennis Traynor, sales manager at Gleason Metrology Systems. "We also offer features like 'Center Part' that allow the machine to probe the workpiece at its journals and the eccentricity of the rotary axis and have the software guide the operator to easily true the part."

GAMA operating software puts a host of features right at the fingertips of the operator in a simple, highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). The time it takes to create new part inspection programs and conduct a complete analytical inspection of even the most complex bevel and cylindrical gears is greatly reduced. "Part data can be recalled at any time and is organized in a variety of ways: by part number, by part type, by customer, etc. GAMA also stores part inspection output data in either .pdf file formats or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), an HTML style output, small in file size and easily emailed and viewed with no special software. Any internet browser will open the file and display the measured results," Traynor says. "Additionally, actual raw data can be recalled and re-analyzed under different standards or parameters without having to re-inspect the gear physically. GAMA also supports the world's languages. Either the interface or just the output charting can be easily converted to more than 15 different languages used worldwide, supporting today's global sourcing strategies."

GAMA 2.0 Inspection Software from Gleason

GAMA operating software puts a host of features right at the fingertips of the operator in a simple, highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

GAMA is a true Windows VV.NET application, making it fully compatible with the latest LAN and WAN networks, so users can easily interface inspection results with their gear design and production resources for corrective actions downstream, according to Traynor. "We are capable of supporting our systems virtually anywhere in the world. We have several systems installed in the far reaches of the gear manufacturing community and these machines are fully operational and fully functioning each and every day. In addition to our online strategy, Gleason has local field service engineers located in virtually all of the world's established markets and many of the emerging markets."

The 650GMS is also equipped with the Renishaw SP80H 3-D scanning probe, available with various stylus sizes, configurations and extension lengths. The digital Renishaw probe provides a high speed, high accuracy measurement capability vastly superior to 3-D analog, 1-D & 2-D probe used by other systems. (Ed's note: For more information on Gleason's inspection equipment be sure to check out the June/July Gear Technology article "An Emphasis on Accuracy.")

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