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Sandvik and Productivity Partners Gear Up for Latest Technologies

by Matthew Jaster, Senior Editor

Sandvik Gear Up Event In the manufacturing arena, press releases simply don't get the job done. Describing an innovative process or new technology in a word document is not nearly as effective as letting your customers see the end result. Sandvik Coromant understands this and with its technology partners (Star SU, Höfler, DMG Mori, Mazak, Okuma, Carl Zeiss, Zoller and Nikken CNC Rotary Table), the company recently invited customers to a one-day gear milling event at Sandvik's Productivity Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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Applied Process Inc. makes bigger parts, better.

Applied Process Inc. makes bigger parts, better.

Only Applied Process has the furnace - and the finesse - to produce austempered iron and steel parts that weigh in excess of 10 tons. Parts that are stronger, lighter, quieter, more wear resistant. Parts that contribute to more energy efficient operations in countless applications and increase performance while decreasing overall cost of production. Visit us online at www.appliedprocess.com or Watch the Video.

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IMTS 2014 - Come together. Leave smarter.

Where else can you meet the minds that are moving manufacturing forward? Nowhere but IMTS 2014. With a focus on success through cooperation, the week will be filled with technology, education, and new ideas. It's happening Sept. 8-13 at McCormick Place Chicago. Register now or learn more at IMTS.com...

Visit www.imts.com

See the KX 260 at IMTS Booth N-7036

See the KX 260 at IMTS Booth N-7036

  • CBN form and dressable generating grinding
  • Mass production of external spur and helical gears
  • Extremely short set-ups
  • Minimum floor-to-floor time

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