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Breathe New Life Into Your Old Gear Grinding Machines

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Normac Gear Grinding Dressers and Dressing Stations

Breathe New Life Into Your Gear Grinding Machines with Normac's Formaster CNC wheel dressers.

CNC Super-Precision Dressers and Dressing Stations with Accuracy to +/- 0.002 mm.

Customized for Your Machine
Normac custom retrofits Formaster CNC wheel dressers to your existing grinding machine. Your product will gain a level of precision it may never have had before. Formaster has been installed on gear, spline, broach, OD/ID, surface, curving coupling and thread grinding machines, among others. Also available to OEMs for integration in new products.

Works with Most Wheel Types
Formaster's super-precise positioning and slide system stiffness provide the capability to accurately profile and condition grinding wheels with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic, CBN and diamond abrasives in either vitrified or resin bonds in addition to electroplated wheels with CBN and diamond abrasives.

Advanced Gear Software and Flexible CNC
Formaster works with sophisticated Normac gear profile and program generating software which is sold separately. Standard configuration includes Siemens CNC but also available with other controls or in a mechanical only configuration for integration with your existing control system.

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