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Job Satisfaction

Gear Talk with Chuck

Every once in a while you need a reminder of why you enjoy your work. This week I got to witness final testing of a very complex gearbox that my client began working on exactly a year earlier. All FIFTY-SIX speeds of shiftable components had to be compatible with the sixty-five- year-old gearbox it was replacing. It was one of the most complex reverse engineering/upgrade projects in my career, but seeing it on the test stand made all those head scratching hours worthwhile.

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ALD Thermal

Introducing NitroTherm® Nitriding Furnaces from ALD!

With higher productivity and lower costs our NitroTherm® NiH vacuum purged nitriding furnaces offer fully automatic process control over your Plasma Nitriding, Etching, Oxidation and Nitro-carburizing process. This cold-wall design allows for mixed loads and/or highly dense loads and very good temperature homogeneity.
Learn more and download a brochure HERE.

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Power Electric

Gears, custom motor shafts, motor assembly from Power Electric

With delivery commitments you can trust, we supply thousands of sizes and configurations of gears and shafts for all your gearing needs. Our product line includes bevel, spur, worm, helical and hypoid. Click or call to see how we can be cost-competitive. We can help you from development to…

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The KAPP NILES KX 260 DYNAMIC – A design offered nowhere else.

The KAPP NILES KX 260 DYNAMIC features a patented inverted spindle which facilitates optimum productivity for mass production of external planetary gears. Automated work-arbor change and verification as well as semi-automated grinding worm change are highlighted. Save on set-ups, save on floor space, save on investment.

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Latest News

Things are happening in the gear industry. Here's the latest.

Heller Industry 4.0 Products Focus on Transparency, Ease of Operation
Heller Machine Tools' Industry 4.0 approach is to enhance transparency of the current machine status and evaluate the information gained in combination with existing data to allow purposeful diagnostics, yielding better productivity and value for the user. Read more.

GWJ Technology Announces Updated Version of TBK 2014
GWJ Technology is pleased to announce the latest release of TBK 2014, the calculation software for gear manufacturing and mechanical engineering.Read more.

Röhm KZF-S External Clamping Collet Chucks Designed for Gear Surface Face Grinding
Röhm Products of America now offers a powered external clamping chuck for gear surface face grinding. The KZF-S collet chuck is especially well suited for clamping gears/workpieces that have an external plane or gear teeth geometries accessible from the outside. Additionally, the chuck allows face and ID diameters to be turned or ground concentric to outer gear pitch diameters.Read more.

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