Gear Industry Product News 2003

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New CMM System from Mitutoyo
The new Mitutoyo CMM auto body system is a large machine configured around a single or optional dual, horizontal CNC/CMM three-axis probe... (posted 2003-12-16)

New Gearbox from Brevini
The S Series gearbox from Brevini features an epicyclical design that increases the available power from the unit without affecting the o... (posted 2003-12-06)

New Flathoning Machines from Stahli
The Model DLM flathoning machine 705 from Stahli features a new construction and allows for faster processing speeds. According to the... (posted 2003-12-06)

New Spinning Machines from Leifeld
The new PNC 100 Series heavy duty spinning machines have combined playback and CNC controls. Operators have numerous options for prog... (posted 2003-12-06)

New Finishing Process from Kapp
The Kapp Group has introduced a combined process for hard finishing transmission gears that involves two machines?one for grinding and th... (posted 2003-12-06)

New Right-Angle Gearhead from Alpha Gear
The new right-angle gearhead from Alpha Gear can achieve an efficiency greater than 96% with a backlash of less than 4 arc minutes. Ac... (posted 2003-12-02)