Gear Industry Product News 2004

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New DC Gear Motor from Midwest Motion Products
The new MMP.PDSF80-12V.018.1 geared motor from Midwest Motion Products can accept any VDC power source, including batteries. (posted 2004-04-28)

New Measuring Machine from Mahr Federal
The MarVision from Mahr Federal is designed to provide a mid-sized solution for high precision applications that require multiple modes o... (posted 2004-04-16)

New Coated Insert from Seco-Carboloy
The TP3000 from Seco Carboloy is a new generation of coated inserts for steel turning to be used on machining applications such as heavy ... (posted 2004-04-16)

New Geared Motors from Danfoss Bauer
The BG Series of three-phase geared motors from Danfoss Buaer is engineered to drive a variety of types of machinery and equipment. M... (posted 2004-04-16)

New Measuring Machine from Marposs
The M110 Optoflex from Marposs is designed for the dimensional inspection of shafts and shaft-like parts. Utilizing optoelectric technolo... (posted 2004-04-16)

New Instrumentation Gears from Precision Alliance
A new line of specialty and instrumentation gears is now available from Precision Alliance and includes spur, segment, anti-backlash sync... (posted 2004-04-16)

New Compact Gearbox from ZF Industrial
The CG gearboxes from ZF Industrial are best suited for use in robotic or other automation applications like electronics or other OEM man... (posted 2004-04-16)

New Gearmotor from Bison Gear
The 562 Series hollow-shaft gearmotor from Bison Gear has an increased center distance and greater clearance for wider faced gear shafts.... (posted 2004-04-16)

New Gear Measurement Software from Wilcox
The PC-DMIS gear measuring software from Wilcox is designed for any CMM. The software is an alternative to dedicated gear measurement... (posted 2004-01-28)

New Grinder for Gear Cutter Blades
The SBG cutter grinder from ANCA can grind parts to +/ ?5 microns, and it includes a chuck and palletized auto load that is specifically ... (posted 2004-01-19)

New Advancement in Inertia Friciton Welding
The inertia friction welding cycle from Manufacturing Technology can now orient parts using inertia or direct drive friction welding. ... (posted 2004-01-19)