Gear Industry Product News 2006

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New Gearhead from Boston Gear
New gearheads from Boston Gear are designed for direct attachment to popular servo and stepper motors. These durable, long-lasting perfor... (posted 2006-05-01)

Royal Purple Develops High Performance Worm Gear Oils
Royal Purple developed a para-synthetic Synergy Worm Gear Oil and a fully synthetic Thermyl-Glyde Worm Gear Oil. Both contain slippery... (posted 2006-05-01)

Sandvik Introduces Next Generation of Insert Grades
The GC1030, GC4240 and GC4225 from Sandvik Coromant were designed to enhance productivity in steel milling operations. The GC1030 and ... (posted 2006-05-01)

Nireco America Introduces Geared Dancer Roll Potentiometer
Nireco America Corp. introduced the Series 2699 geared dancer roll potentiometer. The heavy duty, high precision geared potentiometer is ... (posted 2006-04-29)

SPV Spintec?s Automatic Deburring Machine Designed Especially for Gear Wheels
The new 68 2006 automatic deburring machine from SPV Spintec is designed for deburring of gear wheels, flanges and other circular symmetr... (posted 2006-04-27)

Rex-Cut?s Fiber Mounted Points Line Reveals Fresh Abrasives
New cotton-fiber mounted points from Rex-Cut Products expose fresh abrasives as they work to deburr and finish in one step with chatter-f... (posted 2006-04-27)

New Gearbox for Power Transmission Applications
SIPCO Mechanical Linkage Solution launched its newest addition to the Technogear? product line. The new LC precision planetary series... (posted 2006-04-24)

Alpha Gear Releases New Gearhead
The TK+ from Alpha Gear is a low-backlash, right-angle gearhead with hypoid technology. According to alpha gear’s literature, the... (posted 2006-04-22)

Advent Tool & Manufacturing Debuts New Involute Spline Milling Solution
Advent Tool & Manufacturing released its indexable form milling platform for involute splines, spur gears, "V" shaped gears, and various ... (posted 2006-04-22)

Walter Grinders’ New Tool Grinder Offers Shorter Cycle Times
Walter Grinders unveiled its Helitronic Vision CNC tool grinder at IMTS. According to the company’s press release, the grinder offer... (posted 2006-04-22)

Sumitomo’s New Inserts Feature Six Cutting Edges
Sumitomo Electric’s new 55 degree SumiTurn T-REX triangle insert was launched as a replacement for the 55 degree DNMG. The T-REX fea... (posted 2006-04-22)

New Gearmotor from Midwest Motion
Midwest Motion Products released the Model No. MMP-S28-400A GP81-046 BR-015 gear motor, which accepts any 24-volt DC source, including b... (posted 2006-04-22)

Stainless Steel Cut-off Wheels Feature Thin Profile
The Alpha Green cut-off wheels for stainless steel feature a thin profile that cuts faster than conventional thicker wheels and are avail... (posted 2006-04-22)

Accura Technics’ New Grinder Works on Multiple Surfaces
Accura Technics’ newest product is designed for precision grinding applicable to aerospace, automotive, bearing and optics manufactu... (posted 2006-04-22)

Mastercam’s Latest CNC Software Enhanced to Provide Multi-Axis Toolpaths
The new Maintenance Release 2 (MR2) software from Mastercam introduces new capabilities including multi-axis toolpaths and Mastercam X a... (posted 2006-04-20)

Marposs Gages Go Wireless
Marposs Corp. introduced its M1 Wave wireless electronic bore gages at IMTS. "Marposs has cut the cord," said product manager Bob Harm... (posted 2006-04-20)

New Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes from Weiler Specialize in In-Machine Deburring
The Burr-Rx line of abrasive nylon disc brushes from Weiler Corp. are specially designed for in-machine deburring applications. The br... (posted 2006-04-19)

Marposs? New Gear Tester Detects Correct Tooth Hardness
The E59n from Marposs is a mechanical system where the gears are loaded and correctly referred before being tested. The integrated eddy c... (posted 2006-04-19)

Rush Gears Introduces Gear Gages
Rush Gears is introducing a new line of gear gages with standard diametral pitch sets coming with 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, and... (posted 2006-04-19)

Midwest Motion Announces New DC Motor
Midwest Motion Products released the MMP-TM55-12V GP52-035 gearmotor that accepts any 12-volt DC source, including battery power. Meas... (posted 2006-04-19)

Schunk?s New Toolholder Designed for Low Interference Applications
The TRIBOS-RM from Schunk is designed for cutting speeds up to 50,000 rpm while offering run-out accuracy of less than three microns. The... (posted 2006-04-19)

Cincinnati Machine’s New Five-Axis HMC Optimized for Titanium Machining
Cincinnati Machine’s new MEGA5-800 five-axis horizontal machining center utilizes the basic MEGA twin ball screw-driven axes configu... (posted 2006-04-19)

Alpha Gear Launches Hypoid Gearhead
The new HG+ series from alpha gear drives Inc. is a low-backlash hypoid gearhead that offers performance similar to a planetary gearhead.... (posted 2006-04-19)

Rex-Cut Introduces Cut-Off Wheels for Stainless Steel
The ALPHA-GREEN Stainless Steel Cut-Off Wheels Type 1 and Type 27 cut-off wheels feature a thin profile which cuts faster than conventio... (posted 2006-04-15)

SKF’s New Ball Bearings Reduce Noise in Air Handling Applications
SKF? ConCentra ball bearing units for high-speed air handling applications integrate unique concentric locking technology to form a near ... (posted 2006-04-15)

Schott Systeme Streamlines Gear Design Software

Schotte Systeme published a new video outlining how one single universal function has been designed to consolidate both 2D and 3D move... (posted 2006-04-15)

Zimmerman Presents New Milling Machine with Linear Drive
The new FZ 38 from Zimmerman is a CNC portal milling machine driven by linear motors. According to the company's press release, the ... (posted 2006-04-14)

SMW Autoblok Introduces New Line of Live Tooling
SMW Autoblok introduces a complete line of live tools to provide increased machine utilization of turning centers, resulting in more part... (posted 2006-04-14)

China Pneumatic Unveils Precision Planetary Gear Reducers
China Pneumatic Corp. is introducing a new line of precision planetary gear reducers for air motors, servo motors and stepping motors for... (posted 2006-04-14)

Nitrex Develops New Small-Scale Furnaces
The new NX-400 series of nitriding and nitrocarburizing systems from Nitrex Metal is designed for use in small-scale processing, as well ... (posted 2006-04-14)

Kapp Highlights Gear Center
The Kapp KX300P occupies only 65 square feet of floor space and uses either dressable or non-dressable worm and form wheels. Additio... (posted 2006-04-13)

Midwest Motion’s Gearmotor Accepts Battery Power
The Model MMP-TM55-12V GP52-308 gearmotor from Midwest Motion accepts any 12-volt DC source including battery power and measures 2.14" in... (posted 2006-04-12)

Parker Bayside Combines Servo Motor and Helical Planetary Gearhead
The Stealth line of gearmotors from Parker Bayside represents the first time a brushless servo motor and a helical planetary gearhead hav... (posted 2006-04-12)

Neeter Drive Gearboxes Transmit Power up to 6600 N-m
The PowerGear range of bevel gearboxes from Neeter Drives is available in sizes 360 and 450 with an extended transmission range of 3,750 ... (posted 2006-04-12)

PCB Piezotronics’ New Rotary Torque Sensor System
The rotary torque sensor system from the Force/Torque Division of PCB Piezotronics is designed for automotive driveline and powertrain dy... (posted 2006-04-12)

Alpha Gear Introduces Economy Line of Gearheads
The LP+/LPB+ value line of gearheads from alpha gear Inc. offer efficiency with low torsional backlash for less demanding applications. ... (posted 2006-04-12)

United Grinding?s Newest Machine Grinds Shafts and Chucked Workpieces
[photo] The Studen S242 from United Grinding is designed for the hard turning and grinding of high-precision applications for both shaf... (posted 2006-04-11)

Alpha Gear’s Gearmotor Offers Significant Reduction in Inertia
The TPM from alpha gear drives Inc. is a geared motor containing a rotary actuator based on an AC servo motor and high precision planetar... (posted 2006-04-11)

DSM’s Stanyl Precison Gears Help Disabled Patients Drive Independently
Precision gears made out of Stanyl, a high-performance polyamide 46 (PA46) resin from DSM Engineering Plastics, help keeps the Joyster mo... (posted 2006-04-11)

Marposs’ New Gage Head Designed for Internal Grinders
The Thruvar from Marposs is a through-the-spindle gage for in-process measurement application on internal grinding machines and was intro... (posted 2006-04-11)

Ondrives’ New Gearbox Emphasizes Torque and Speed
A new line of DC motorized worm and wheel reduction gearboxes from Ondrives is fitted with 24V DC motors that operate at 12V DC. Accor... (posted 2006-04-11)

Drake’s Newest Thread Grinder Utilizes Robot Load/Unload System
The GS: TE-LM thread grinder from Drake Manufacturing is fitted with a robot load/unload system that provides maximum throughput for high... (posted 2006-04-11)

SCHUNK Introduces New Workholding Technique
SCHUNK's new line of magnetic clamping technology can be optimally applied when used in conjunction with the company's quick-chan... (posted 2006-04-11)

LMS Revises Virtual Lab
LMS released Virtual Lab Rev 6, an advanced and unified modeling environment, integrating all the required model creation and simulation ... (posted 2006-04-11)

Norton’s New Gear Grinding Wheels Increase Life of Parallel Axis Spur Gears
The new BRGg VPHS high speed grinding wheels from Saint Gobain are designed to reduce cycle times by increasing metal removal rates. The ... (posted 2006-04-11)

NUM’s Graphical and Conversational Software Compatible with Gear Manufacturing
NUM’s control systems will be displayed at IMTS and are suitable for use in gear manufacturing. The embedded machining cycles for ge... (posted 2006-04-11)

Beaumont Machine Introduces Two-Step Diffuser Process
Beaumont Machine plans to exhibit its two-step diffuser process at this year’s IMTS. Diffuser shapes have become a challenge fo... (posted 2006-04-11)

Gleason Genesis S130SV Gear Shaving Machine
The 130SV shaving machine from Gleason is the newest of the company’s Genesis family of gear production equipment. Introduced to... (posted 2006-04-08)

Asahi America Introduces Plastic Gear Operator
Plasgear from Asahi America is a thermoplastic gear operator from Asahi America. According to the company’s press release, the P... (posted 2006-04-07)

Landis Introduces New Grinders at IMTS
Landis Grinding Systems’ new LT1-1200 flexible CNC grinder with variable swiveling wheelhead will be displayed for the first time at... (posted 2006-04-06)

Kinefac Introduces New Automated Production System
Kinefac is introducing a new Robo-Roller, which is a quick changeover, automated production system for rolling threads, knurls, worms and... (posted 2006-04-06)

Magnetic Gearing and Turbine Corp. Releases New Injection Molded Plastic Gears
Magnetic Gearing & Turbine Corporation of Australia annonced the release of a new generation injection moulded magnetic gear. Accordi... (posted 2006-04-06)

New Multi-Axis Machining Software from NCCS
NCCS announces the new release of the latest version of NCL 9.5 that improves productivity by reducing both programming time and cycle ti... (posted 2006-04-06)

New Depressed Center Wheels Introduced by Camel Grinding Wheels
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has introduced Fast Cut Series Aluminum Oxide Type 27 Depressed Center Wheels with N-grade bond for right angle... (posted 2006-04-06)

Two-Piece Balanced Gear Clamps From Sterling Feature Balanced Design
A new series of two-piece clamps for retaining gears on shafts, introduced by Sterling Instrument, provide easy installation when neither... (posted 2006-04-05)

Bryan Grinder Releases New Software
Bryant? Grinder, a division of Vermont Machine Tool, released Revelations? software, a Microsoft Windows-based, CNC control software that... (posted 2006-04-03)

NexxtDrive’s Variable Speed Power Take-Off Provides Micro Hybrid-Functionality
The NexxtPTO is a compact, variable speed mechanical power take-off that can be configured to act as an engine starter and alternator, pr... (posted 2006-04-02)

Torque Transmission Introduces New Line of Right Angle Drives
Torque Transmission introduced a line of right angle gear drives designed for various motion control applications where right angle motio... (posted 2006-04-02)

Reishauer to Exhibit Hard Gear Finishing and Automation Technology at IMTS
Reishauer plans to exhibit the RZ 400 precision gear grinding machine at IMTS 2006. The machine incorporates new technology, including ge... (posted 2006-04-02)

Marposs Introduces Bluetooth Measurement Products
Marposs Corp. will introduce its Merlin gage computer-based embedded technology and M1 Wave electronic bore gage containing Bluetooth wir... (posted 2006-04-02)

Marposs? Vertical Solution Provides a Smaller Footprint
The M57V bench from Marposs provides a smaller footprint that occupies less surface space than the company's horizontal solution, a... (posted 2006-03-10)

Mahr’s Air Gage Uses Single- or Dual-Master Air Tooling
The Universal Dimensionair line of air gages from Mahr Federal combines the performance of a single-master air gage system with the abili... (posted 2006-03-10)

Gleason Introduces Newest Hobbing Machine
The new Genesis 130H CNC vertical hobbing machine features a design that optimizes dry machining, reduces floor space and improves cycle ... (posted 2006-02-15)

AGMA Announces New Board of Directors
The American Gear Manufacturers Association announced the 2006 board of directors at its annual meeting in March. Stan Blenke, executiv... (posted 2006-01-31)

Adcole’s New Gage Features Spindle Refinements

A new, high accuracy vers... (posted 2006-01-20)

Marposs’ Newest Software Enables On-Machine Measuring
The 3D Shape Inspector software for on-machine measurement application from Marposs is used with the company’s touch probes and enab... (posted 2006-01-18)

Midwest Motion’’s New Control Features Built-In Reversing Switch and Speed Adjust Potentiometer

New Industrial Gear Oil Enhances Gearbox Durability

The new Mobilgear 600 XP Series of premium industrial gear oils was introdu... (posted 2006-01-15)

Samputensil Introduces High Capacity Grinding Machine
The new 250G generating grinding machine from Samputensili, introduced at EMO 2005 was developed to achieve a shorter cycle time. Acco... (posted 2006-01-06)

Mahr Federal Unveils Larger and More Flexible Measurement System
The new MarForm MMQ 400 Formtester from Mahr Federal is a ground-up redesign which is more robust, less sensitive to environmental influe... (posted 2006-01-06)