Gear Industry Product News 2008

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Heavy-Duty, Non-Toxic Coolant Biodegrades
A heavy-duty machining and grinding coolant that is biodegradable and non-toxic has been released by the International Chemical Company. ... (posted 2008-12-02)

ER Collet Chuck Enhances Rigidity, Repeatability
BIG Kaiser's ER collet chuck is a standard collet system using the precision tooling company's dual contact spindle system, the B... (posted 2008-12-02)

Compact Haas Lathe Automatically Loads Parts
The SL-20APL from Haas Automation is capable of automatically picking up parts from an external tray and loading them directly in the l... (posted 2008-10-21)

Users Configure Flexible Deburring Machine
The OLS Model 1100 deburring machine from McNeil Industries features various options for users to tailor the machine to their specific ... (posted 2008-10-21)

Stainless Steel Gears From QTC Features the Fairloc Integral Fastening System
A new series of Modules 0.5, 0.8, and 1 spur gears from Quality Transmission Components features the patented Fairloc integral hub fast... (posted 2008-10-06)

Alpha Gear's Newest Software Simplifies Selecting Gear Reducers
The Cymex calculation software from alpha gear drives Inc. uses a database of company products and 6,000 motors from various manufacturer... (posted 2008-09-03)

Honing System Allows Robotic Part Loading of Landing Gear Components
The SVC-310 vertical CNC honing system from Sunnen sizes small and medium gas/diesel engine blocks, large gears, air compressors, aerosp... (posted 2008-07-24)

Haas Lathes Deliver Small Footprint, Large Workpiece Capacities
The GT Series of lathes from Haas Automation are capable of high power and a range of speeds at affordable prices. Both models, the GT-1... (posted 2008-07-24)

Surface Finish Gage Indexes, Measures Multiple Small Parts
Mahr Federal Inc. introduces a surface finish gage designed to index and measure numerous small parts, such as gears, fuel injector comp... (posted 2008-07-24)

Haas Mini Mill 2 Extends Travels
The Mini Mill 2 from Haas Automation is a CNC machining center featuring extended travels of 20" x 16" x 14" (xyz); this... (posted 2008-04-24)

GH Gear/Raceway Hardening Machine Handles Large Bearings More Productively
GH Induction Group recently shipped a new design gear/raceway hardening machine capable of hardening gears and bearing raceways up to 3... (posted 2008-04-24)

GROB Horizontal Machining Center Multi-tasks Precisely
The machine tool division of GROB Systems Inc. introduces the G350 horizontal machining center that is capable of production using up t... (posted 2008-04-24)

VAC-U-MAX Industrial Vacuum Cleaning System Extracts Fluid and Solids
Powered by compressed air, the VAC-U-MAX 55MW filters liquids and removes metal chips from coolant in order to increase coolant life and ... (posted 2008-02-18)

Digimar Height Gage Provides Smooth Movements for Positioning
The Digimar 817 CLM height measuring instrument from Mahr Federal will be featured at WESTEC 2008 from March 31–April 3. The gage o... (posted 2008-02-13)

SafeTap Plus Provides Safe and Clean Working Environment
ITW Rocol recently unveiled a new water-based tapping fluid with a custom blend of synthetic additives that provide cooling properties wi... (posted 2008-02-13)

LED Light Ring Illuminates Without Heat or Fiber Optic Cables
NovaTech, Inc. has introduced an LED light ring for laser- and micro-welding microscopes that provides illumination without heat or fiber... (posted 2008-02-13)

PG-Series Bore Gages Mount Directly to Machines
With no need for electrical or air connections, Sunnen’s PG-Series Bore Gages can be mounted directly to machining stations, making... (posted 2008-02-13)

VMC Infimatic Control Compatible With Standard G Codes and Part Programs
MAG Fadal recently announced its FX series will be available April 2008 with the Infimatic Freedom NC2000, a digital control for metal-cu... (posted 2008-02-13)

FA Advance Wire EDM Series Extracts Data Directly Within Control
MC Machinery Systems, Inc. introduces its new FA Advance Wire EDM series featuring an M700 series control. The Windows-based system with ... (posted 2008-02-13)

Helix Wiper Geometries Reduce Vibrations and Increase Tool Life
Seco Tools Inc. recently unveiled Helix wiper geometries for operations in high-feed machining of case hardened steels where standard wip... (posted 2008-02-13)

Blaser Swisslube Fluid Designed for Long-Term Sump Life
Blaser Swisslube, Inc., introduced BC 230, a liquid tool providing advanced stability and long-term sump life that improves machine uptim... (posted 2008-02-06)

PcTime! Released for PalmOS and Windows Mobile Devices
InfosystemsPro LLC announces the release of PcTime! for PalmOS and Windows Mobile devices. PcTime! makes it easy to calculate production... (posted 2008-01-23)

Wera Profilator Introduces Scudding Process
Introduced for the first time at EMO 2007, the Scudding process is a continuous cutting operation that uses a tool design similar to a he... (posted 2008-01-11)