Gear Industry Product News 2009

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Versatile Reishauer Grinder Adapted for Larger Gears
The RZ 260 gear grinding machine from Reishauer is based on the successful RZ 150 series, but not only has size been increased, but all c... (posted 2009-12-28)

Illuminated Pocket Scopes Provide Clear, Precise Inspection
Carry-along microscopes for gear manufacturing applications are more sophisticated than their convenient size may suggest. The latest mod... (posted 2009-12-15)

Mobile Induction Heater Treats Metal Parts
Digimac is a compact, transportable induction heating system from GH Induction Group. It is capable of outputs up to 25 kW and 20 kHz. ... (posted 2009-12-11)

Air Gaging Honing Tools Produce Tight Tolerances
The Precision Hone tooling system from Sunnen uses integral air gaging and an automatic shutdown device to produce non-contact, in-proces... (posted 2009-12-03)

25 Bar Furnace Acts as Alternative to Oil Quench
Seco/Warwick introduced a 25 Bar Single Chamber Vacuum Furnace as a process alternative to vacuum furnaces using an oil quench. The 25 B... (posted 2009-11-09)

New Metal Powder Standards Published
The 2010 edition of Standard Test Methods for Metal Powders & Powder Metallurgy Products has been published by the Metal Powder Indus... (posted 2009-11-02)

Grinding Wheel Improves Surface Finish
The SK23w ceramic grinding wheel specification from Burka-Kosmos drastically increases the Q'w and V'w rates. This type of grindi... (posted 2009-10-29)

One LMC Chuck Handles Over 40 Gears
Specialty finger chucks from LMC Workholding are designed for hard turning gears on truck axles or drive line components. By changing pin... (posted 2009-10-27)

Large Boring Tool Modular System Reduces Weight by Half
The CKN modular connection from Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. provides a high-strength tool connection for large boring tools that us... (posted 2009-10-13)

MHI Grinder Hones Four Times Faster
The ZI20A from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is an internally toothed ring gear grinding machine capable of high-speed and precision with l... (posted 2009-09-30)

Discuss New Gear Making Technologies with Drake At Gear Expo
Drake Manufacturing Services invites customers and friends to their booth, number 309, at Gear Expo, September 15-17 at the Indianapolis ... (posted 2009-09-01)

CNC Shapers Machine Multiple Surfaces Quickly
Ohio Broach and Machine Company introduces a line of CNC Shaper machines that machine multiple surfaces in seconds, and various parts... (posted 2009-08-27)

Mitsui Seiki Machines Cut Spiral Bevels
Several customers of Mitsui Seiki USA have reported success cutting 10-14 class ring gears in low- to mid-volume applications, such as fo... (posted 2009-08-19)

L&L Furnace Shipped to Goodrich Facility
A model FB series fiber-lined box furnace was shipped to the Goodrich Aerostructures' Mexicali production facility by L&L Special... (posted 2009-06-30)

ALD-Holcroft Expands Product Line
The MonoTherm single chamber vacuum furnace, a product known on the global market through ALD Vacuum Technologies of Hanua, Germany, is a... (posted 2009-06-08)

Pit Furnace Line Addition Doubles Plant's Capacity
Elterma S.A. commissioned two electrical PEGat-1000/18x30 pit furnaces and a G-4000-ET atmosphere generator for a Spanish manufacturer of... (posted 2009-06-08)

Solar Awarded Order for R&D Vacuum Carburizing Furnace
A top loading model VTC-714 R&D furnace by Solar Atmospheres was ordered by a mid-Atlantic, aircraft industry manufacturer for proces... (posted 2009-06-08)

Low-Foaming Cutting Fluid Resists Bacterial, Fungal Growth
The KoolRite 2365 semi-synthetic cutting fluid from JTM Products, Inc. was designed for high-pressure applications that typically have fo... (posted 2009-05-08)

Slender Drive Angle Head Machines Bores More Flexibly
BIG Kaiser's Slender Drive Angle Head features a reduced body that is capable of 90-degree cutting operations inside small bores. The... (posted 2009-04-23)

Economy Tooling Line Creates an Affordable Start for Novice Router Users
Techno, Inc. CNC Cutting Tools has announced the start of an economy tooling line of CNC router bits for use by novice CNC router users t... (posted 2009-04-14)

Face Mill Withstands Heavy-Duty Operations
The CoroMill 360 from Sandvik Coromant is a 60-degree face mill constructed with through-hardened steel for strength in demanding applica... (posted 2009-04-13)

Electrically-Heated Quench Tank Cures Products Post Heat-Treat
The Number 974 insulated quench tank from the Grieve Corporation is electrically-heated to 200 degrees for heating mineral oil to cure me... (posted 2009-04-06)

Modultherm Expands Capacity
ALD and ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies introduced a larger size of the ModulTherm vacuum heat treating system. The ModulTherm can now p... (posted 2009-04-03)

Coating Technology Extends Tool Life without Cutting Oil
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. has developed a thin-film coating for applying to precision cutting tool surfaces to extend tool life a... (posted 2009-04-02)

Measuring System Eliminates Need for Gaging
Designed with a small footprint for the shop environment, OneTouch optical measuring systems provide quick, micron-level accuracy on indi... (posted 2009-02-23)

Surface Grinder Operates with Maximum Productivity, Minimum Cycle Times
The TechMaster 844, from Jones and Shipman, offers 800 mm x 400 mm grinding capacity with a vertical capacity of 360 mm. The machine is ... (posted 2009-02-04)

Baldor Expands Worm Gear Reducer Line
The Dodge Ultra Kleen right-angle worm gear reducer line has been expanded by Baldor Electric Company. Housed in 316 stainless steel for ... (posted 2009-02-04)

Gleason Grinder Cuts Production Times
The Genesis 160TWG threaded wheel grinder from Gleason is capable of hard finish grinding of cylindrical gears with diameters up to 160 m... (posted 2009-02-04)