Gear Industry Product News 2011

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Gleason Introduces Titan 1200H Hobbing Machine
Gleason has introduced the Titan 1200H Hobbing Machine, the first of a new series of Titan hobbers designed for larger cylindrical gears ... (posted 2011-12-29)

IPTEX 2012 Preview: Liebherr B14
Liebherr will present the LC 180 from the Platform 1 segment at IPTEX 2012, taking place from February 9-11, 2012 at the Bombay Exhibitio... (posted 2011-12-28)

IPTEX 2012 Preview: Klingelnberg Booth B14
Klingelnberg will exhibit the gear measuring center P 26 at IPTEX 2012, taking place from February 9-11, at the Bombay Exhibition Center ... (posted 2011-12-27)

Index Introduces Multi-Spindle Lathe
Index recently introduced the new MS22C-8, from its Multiline series. The new modular eight-spindle machine opens up additional opportuni... (posted 2011-12-22)

Holroyd Sells Grinding Machines to Chinese Company
U.K.-based Holroyd Machine Tools and Components of Milnrow, Lancashire, a division of the Precision Technologies Group, has announced the... (posted 2011-12-20)

KISSsoft Improves GPK Models
GPK is a KISSsys based gearbox calculation package which provides the user with 17 basic models of gearboxes as templates. For the c... (posted 2011-12-19)

Mori Seiki/DMG Launch Next-Generation of Machine Tools
Mori Seiki has started taking orders for the Ultrasonic 65 monoBLOCK equipped with ultrasonic machining functions and the Lasertec 65 Sha... (posted 2011-12-16)

Gleason to Introduce Technologies at IPTEX 2012
Gleason Corporation will introduce a host of advanced new capabilities, technologies and localized customer support services at IPTEX 201... (posted 2011-12-12)

Gleason Expands Genesis Series
Gleason's Genesis series now includes 260H and 400H Vertical Gear Hobbing Machines for the production of spur and helical gears ... (posted 2011-12-01)

Mahr Offers Skidless Surface Gage at MD&M West
Mahr Federal will be featuring the addition of an economical and powerful new skidless surface evaluation system to its MarSurf line of m... (posted 2011-11-30)

Iscar Releases Chamgun for Deep Hole Drilling
Deep hole drilling is very popular in the automotive, die and mold and aerospace industries. Iscar took the gundrill technology one step ... (posted 2011-11-28)

Hardness Testing Machine Offers Enhanced Performance
New HR-200/300/400/500 Series Rockwell hardness testing machines from Mitutoyo America Corporation offer enhanced performance with improv... (posted 2011-11-22)

LMC Offers Atling AX Series Steady Rest
LMC Workholding introduces the newest model of the Atling self centering steady rest, the AX series.  The Atling AX series offers se... (posted 2011-11-21)

Cimcool Presents Oak Signature Metalworking Fluids
The Oak Signature brand of metalworking fluids integrates science and technology to help customers become more efficient in the manufactu... (posted 2011-11-18)

KISSsoft Releases 3-D Variant Skin Model
Crossed helical gears are helical gears that are mounted on crossed axes. The shaft angle is usually Σ = 90 degrees. In contrast to... (posted 2011-11-17)

Sicmat Releases Raso 200 Dynamic Shaving Machine
The Raso 200 Dynamic has been developed to offer all the characteristics of a gear shaving machine with a competitive price. With a footp... (posted 2011-11-10)

Sandvik Offers Reduced Cutting Time with CoroMill 176
Sandvik Coromant recently introduced a new full profile hob for gear milling, CoroMill 176. This indexable carbide insert hob can reduce ... (posted 2011-11-08)

Rex-Cut Offers Abrasive Disc Line
A full line of cotton fiber quick change abrasive discs for blending and finishing stainless steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys are avail... (posted 2011-11-07)

MTConnect Institute Releases Starting Guide
Developed as a guide for shop owners and plant managers exploring the MTConnect implementation process, the MTConnect Institute is pleas... (posted 2011-10-26)

Interface Available From KISSsys to MSC.Software
For users of KISSsys and MSC.Software there is now an interface available in order to import KISSsys models directly into MSC. Herewith t... (posted 2011-10-25)

Allmatic-Jakob Offers Anniversary Kit
Celebrating its ten-year anniversary as a member of the Jakob Group, Allmatic Jakob is offering its Titan TC clamping set with an extensi... (posted 2011-10-24)

SpeedCore Allows for More Efficient and Flexible Hobbing
In today's gear manufacturing environment, flexibility and efficiency are key factors in modern machine tool technology. Productivity... (posted 2011-10-21)

Mitutoyo CMM Doubles the Measuring Range
The new Crysta-Apex S Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) from Mitutoyo America Corporation brings new levels of perfo... (posted 2011-10-18)

PHL Gripper Increases Module Efficiency
With the PHL, Schunk launches a new generation of long stroke grippers. The PHL from Schunk alternatively disposes of a multi-tooth guida... (posted 2011-10-14)

Coromant Capto Makes Light Work of Heavy Machining
For all types of heavy machining operations in large components, Coromant Capto size C10, improves performance by allowing higher feeds a... (posted 2011-10-13)

Royal Filtermist Series Continues Design Improvements
While many companies are aware of traditional problems associated with oil mist (health and accident risks, cleaning and maintenance cost... (posted 2011-10-12)

LMC Face Drivers Improve Turning Productivity
Gear hobbing is easier and more productive with Neidlein's FDNC face driver from LMC Workholding. With Neidlein's FDNC Face Drive... (posted 2011-10-11)

Tester Measures Camshafts with Gears
An upgraded camshaft measuring machine that is designed with a wide diameter offset follower to accommodate larger diameter cams with bui... (posted 2011-10-10)

Gear Expo Preview: KISSsoft Booth 408
KISSsoft is a software provider for gear design to AGMA, ISO and DIN Standards as well as intuitive custom inputs. They offer shaft and b... (posted 2011-10-05)

Gear Expo Preview: EMAG Booth 327
The EMAG Group products cover a wide spectrum of machining processes in the metalworking industry. Whether chucked, shaft-type or cubic c... (posted 2011-10-04)

Dapra Offers Grinding and Deburring Tools
Dapra's series of Biax hand-held, air-powered tools include lightweight grinders and variable-speed deburring machines. The SRD 3-55/... (posted 2011-10-03)

Seco Releases Next Generation Minimaster
Seco introduced its original Minimaster line of end mills with replaceable carbide inserts nearly 25 years ago. Today, the company is pre... (posted 2011-09-30)

Gear Expo Preview: Bourn and Koch Booth 1329
The Bourn and Koch 400 H CNC horizontal hobbing machine is a 7-axis CNC machine that can hob spur gears, helical gears, splines and ... (posted 2011-09-29)

ASM Heat Treat Preview: Inductoheat Booth 1611
Inductoheat provides quality induction heating and heat treating equipment with flexible and innovative systems that offer long-life perf... (posted 2011-09-28)

Gear Expo Preview: Carl Zeiss Booth 909
With DuraMax, Carl Zeiss offers a compact 3-D coordinate measuring machine. DuraMax Gear marks the evolution of DuraMax into a shop floor... (posted 2011-09-27)

Gear Expo Preview: Kapp Booth 723
The Kapp Group will display their Niles ZE 800 Gear Center at Gear Expo. Grinding demonstrations will also be shown via live video links ... (posted 2011-09-26)

Gear Expo Preview: Star SU Booth 1329
Star SU offers a wide variety of gear cutting machinery, tools and services including: hobbing, gear grinding, chamfering and deburring, ... (posted 2011-09-23)

Gear Expo Preview: Ingersoll Cutting Tools Booth 215
"We will be displaying new product offerings for shaping, finish gashing and hobbing, including our new 2-Start Hob and indexable Sh... (posted 2011-09-22)

Gear Expo Preview: Reishauer Booth 239
"We plan to exhibit the RZ 260 Two-spindle Gear Grinding machine that can be used for high production runs utilizing the continuous ... (posted 2011-09-21)

Gear Expo Preview: Emuge Booth 510
At Gear Expo, Emuge Corp., a manufacturer of precision workholding devices for many industries, will showcase their comprehensive line of... (posted 2011-09-20)

Gear Expo Preview: Gleason Booth 815
Gleason Corporation products and services include machinery for the production, finishing and testing of gears as well as a worldwide sup... (posted 2011-09-16)

Gear Expo Preview: Sandvik Coromant Booth 827
Sandvik Coromant will showcase a number of its new gear tooling solutions and offers, ranging from roughing, semi-finishing and finishing... (posted 2011-09-15)

Gear Expo Preview: Sunnen Booth 1402
Sunnen's patented multi-feed honing technology gives gear manufacturers a choice of tool-feed modes to achieve the shortest cycle tim... (posted 2011-09-14)

Degreasing Deburring and Cleaning Products Presented at German Exhibition
Roughly 240 exhibitors will be represented when the 9th parts2clean opens its doors at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center on the 25th of Oct... (posted 2011-09-12)

MAG Introduces High-Performance Coolants
MAG's new Cyclo Cool 900 and 5000 series synthetic coolants are additive free, low foaming and specially formulated for machining tit... (posted 2011-09-07)

LMC Releases Stationary Pneumatic and Hydraulic Chucks
Chandox brand stationary pneumatic and hydraulic chucks are available from LMC Workholding. The 2 actuating axes self-centering soli... (posted 2011-08-31)

Mori Seiki Launches Horizontal Machining Center
Mori Seiki has started taking orders for the NHX10000 high‐precision horizontal machining center. This machine is the latest and la... (posted 2011-08-30)

Riten Offers Face Driver User Guides
Riten Industries, a manufacturer of face drivers, has published detailed User Guides for its mechanical and hydraulic styles. The documen... (posted 2011-08-26)

GF AgieCharmilles Demonstrates New Technologies at EMO Hannover
GF AgieCharmilles’ machines, automation solutions and services will be showcased in a brand new booth designed specifically to a... (posted 2011-08-25)

Seco to Play Interactive Role at imX 2011
In keeping with the interactive nature of imX, Seco's executive management and technical experts will be on hand to discuss new metal... (posted 2011-08-23)

LMT Presents New Technologies at Emo Hannover
The LMT Group will be presenting a large number of technological innovations at this year's EMO fair. SpeedCore is a new generation h... (posted 2011-08-22)

Index Introduces Multi-Spindle CNC Lathe
The new Index MS40P CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe includes a quillstock with six tool carriers and one counter spindle opposite the m... (posted 2011-08-19)

Sensor Allows Fully Automated Measurement on CMMs
Renishaw has added a new probe option to its revolutionary Revo five-axis measurement system, which for the first time, allows surfa... (posted 2011-08-18)

Exsys Tool Provides Roughing/Gear Hobbing on Single Machine
A special compact gear hobber system from Exsys Tool, Inc. allows shops to generate splines, spur or helical gears in one operation. The ... (posted 2011-08-16)

Mahr Introduces Next Generation Indicator Line
Mahr Federal has introduced the next generation of its well-established µMaxµm line of digital indicators. In addition to the... (posted 2011-08-15)

LMC Releases Super and Standard Air Chucks
LMC Workholding offers Chandox 1 micron super precision air chucks and standard precision air chucks for grinding, rotary tables and turn... (posted 2011-08-12)

Seco Expands Duratomic Product Line
Seco Tools will introduce new turning insert grades and chipbreaker inserts within its exclusive Duratomic coating product line at the 20... (posted 2011-08-08)

KISSsoft Releases Bearing Calculation Module
For the bearing calculation in KISSsoft, a new module is available (module WB4). This module permits the calculation of a single bea... (posted 2011-08-05)

Solar Adds 20 Bar Furnace to Hermitage Facility
Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennslyvania will soon welcome a custom-built horizontal 20 bar vacuum furnace (40" wide x 50" dee... (posted 2011-08-03)

Gleason Invests in Coarse Pitch Hob Production Cell
In response to unprecedented global demand for large cylindrical gears, Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation has invested in an advanced coa... (posted 2011-08-02)

Methods Machine Introduces New Machining Center
Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a supplier of precision machine tools, has introduced the new Matsuura MAM72-100H five-axis horizontal machi... (posted 2011-08-01)

Mahr Offers MMQ 400 Series at Quality Expo 2011
Mahr Federal will be featuring the new version of their MMQ 400 series, the MarForm MMQ 400-2, at Quality Expo 2011, September 20-22... (posted 2011-07-29)

Romer Launches Non-Contact Laser Scanner
Romer Inc., a brand of Hexagon Metrology Inc, has announced the launch of the CMS108, a high-precision, non-contact laser scanner availab... (posted 2011-07-28)

Non-Coplanar Connecting Rod System Does the Work of Three Machines
C & B Machinery of Livonia, Michigan has improved productivity and flexibility of their double disc non-coplanar connecting rod grind... (posted 2011-07-21)

Iscar's Chatterfree End Mills Bring Longer Tool Life
With a new level of built-in asymmetry, Iscar EC-H Chatterfree solid carbide endmills bring a new level of speed and process security to ... (posted 2011-07-20)

DMU 60 eVo Meets Complex Workpiece Demands
The DMU 60 eVo is the newest model in DMG’s eVo Series – having already sold more than 3,000 units throughout the world. In r... (posted 2011-07-19)

KISSsoft Updates Features in the Contact Analysis
In the contact analysis of KISSsoft, the effects of shaft deformations may now be precisely evaluated (module ZA30). The results of shaft... (posted 2011-07-13)

Northfield Introduces 6100 Air Chuck
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of precision workholding chucks, introduces their special Model ... (posted 2011-07-12)

Iscar's Groove Turn Improves Rough and Finish Operations
Iscar has fine-tuned its workhorse Groove Turn cubic boron nitride (CBN) formulation to materially improve rough and finish grooving on h... (posted 2011-07-11)

CIMCOOL 609 Designed for Grinding Performance
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology has created CIMTECH 609, an innovative hybrid developed for superior grinding performance and excellent machinin... (posted 2011-06-29)

Riten Live Centers Engineered for Small Workpieces
Riten Extra-Light live centers are designed specifically to turn or grind parts weighing as little as two ounces. These parts are commonl... (posted 2011-06-27)

ATI Stellram Releases Milling Products Catalog
ATI Stellram introduces its new catalog featuring indexable milling cutters and inserts specifically designed and manufactured for machin... (posted 2011-06-24)

Sintered Materials Available in KISSsoft
The Swedish company Höganäs AB provided the KISSsoft calculation program with SN-curves for tooth bending of sintered material ... (posted 2011-06-22)

Iscar Launches HPC Turning Tools
For the first time, a complete line of standard tools for High Pressure Coolant (HPC) turning puts more efficient turning of titanium, In... (posted 2011-06-20)

Northfield Introduces Five-Inch Diaphragm Chuck
Northfield Precision has introduced a special five inch diameter diaphragm chuck. This chuck has built in pneumatic hammer to expel morse... (posted 2011-06-17)

Schunk Eliminates Part to Part Changeover
With more than 225 mm of radial stroke, wide part range is no problem for the PZH-SF 3 finger gripper.  The new Schunk PZH-SF grippe... (posted 2011-06-16)

MAG Introduces VTC with Gear Cutting Capability
The first technology advancement for large vertical turning centers (VTCs) resulting from MAG's recent acquisition of Modul, a gear m... (posted 2011-06-15)

Strato-Apex Combines Advanced Structure with High-Performance Control
The new Strato-Apex CMM from Mitutoyo America Corporation combines an advanced structure with newly-developed high-performance control an... (posted 2011-06-13)

BIG Kaiser Introduces Twin Cutter Boring System
BIG Kaiser's 319 SW series is an exceptionally rigid, new style, twin cutter rough boring system. These corrosion-resistant boring he... (posted 2011-06-08)

End Mills Improve Chamfering Performance
A new family of Iscar end mills extend the benefits of tangential Sumomill inserts to chamfering, countersinking and face milling. F... (posted 2011-06-06)

Romax Releases RomaxDesigner R12.8
Romax Technology recently released RomaxDesigner R12.8. The latest version of RomaxDesigner offers  more in-depth analysis and allow... (posted 2011-06-01)

Drake Manufacturing Enjoys Export Surge with Thread Grinder
Drake Manufacturing Services Co. is enjoying a surge in exports to Chinese manufacturers, with orders in hand for more than 25 machines. ... (posted 2011-05-23)

Kisssoft Calculates Flank Breakage
The flank breakage of gears is a failure mode that is separate from the damage forms such as root breaking or pitting. Consequently, it a... (posted 2011-05-20)

Gleason Gear Testers Handle Day-to-Day Production Rigors
Now roll testing and single flank testing of bevel, angular bevel and parallel-axis gears with diameters up to 2,500 mm can be completed ... (posted 2011-05-18)

MAG's U6 Series Provides Vertical W-Axis
MAG adds a new dimension to its universal gantry mills with the new adjustable-rail U6 series, providing a vertical W-axis to accommodate... (posted 2011-05-17)

Excel-Lent Software Now Available from Excel Gear
Excel-Lent software from Excel Gear, Inc., determines optimum product parameters for various industries and is now on sale through the we... (posted 2011-05-16)

CA614 Enables High-Speed, In-Line Contour Inspection
The new opticline CA614 noncontact shaft measuring system is designed for fast, easy, economical and robust submicron measurement of all ... (posted 2011-05-09)

Mitutoyo Releases the ROUNDTEST RA-H5200
Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of the new ROUNDTEST RA-H5200 Series roundness/cylindricity measurement systems, whic... (posted 2011-05-06)

KISSsoft Releases Sabic Data
In the current KISSsoft Release 03/2011, two additional new data sets for plastic materials from Sabic are available: VERTON RVL36 now wi... (posted 2011-05-05)

Stotz Promotes Air Gaging Benefits
As a provider of air gaging technology, products and quality gaging system integration, Stotz Air Gaging, a division of Advance... (posted 2011-05-02)

Techniks Boring Tools Maximize Productivity
Pinzbohr High Precision Modular Boring Tools from Techniks offer accuracy, rigidity and repeatability. All Pinzbohr boring tools are buil... (posted 2011-04-29)

RSD Offers Smooth Motion at High Speeds
DE-STA-CO, a robotic tooling, workholding and flexible industrial automation solutions provider, recently... (posted 2011-04-28)

Duo Plus Boasts Efficient Grip System
One of the most important keys to success in modern workpiece production is efficiency. Machines are supposed to perform more than just o... (posted 2011-04-26)

Northfield Chuck Enhances Grip Force
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of precision workholding chucks, introduces their Model DPH-500-... (posted 2011-04-25)

Turbo Chamfer Mills Increase Versatility
Seco Tools has announced a new line of Super Turbo chamfer mills designed to provide high metal removal rates while reducing production c... (posted 2011-04-22)

Honing System Offers Increased Part Capacity
The new all-electric HTA hone from Sunnen brings increased part capacity and stroker torque to applications such as bore resurfacing of h... (posted 2011-04-19)

China Spends 2.5 Million on CNC Helical Profile Milling System
A major Chinese compressor manufacturer recently ordered a machine from Holroyd Precision of Milnrow, Lancashire to be used for the rough... (posted 2011-04-14)

RA-1600 Offers High-End Precision
The new ROUNDTEST RA-1600 roundness/cylindricity measurement instrument from Mitutoyo America Corporation offers high-end precision plus ... (posted 2011-04-13)

LED Performance Benefits MRO Technicians
Designed for industrial maintenance technicians, the Pocket Floodlight combines the convenience and compact size of a penlight with the l... (posted 2011-04-08)

KISSsoft Releases 03/2011 Update
KISSsoft recently announced the release of its latest software update, KISSsoft 03/2011. Highlights for this update include accurate 3-D ... (posted 2011-04-07)

Northfield Releases Rubber Grip Chuck
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of precision workholding chucks, introduces their Automobile Rub... (posted 2011-04-04)

Mitutoyo Releases USB Input Device
Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the availability of a new USB input device that streamlines the interfacing of Mitutoyo Digimatic ... (posted 2011-04-01)

OSG Highlights Cutting Tool Line at Eastec
OSG Tap and Die, North American Headquarters of OSG Corporation, is a manufacturer of taps, end mills, drills and thread-making tool... (posted 2011-03-31)

Rustlick Releases Ultracut Pro
Rustlick recently announced the release of a new premium, bioresistant water-soluble oil cutting fluid. Ultracut Pro delivers reliable pe... (posted 2011-03-30)

Sunnen Introduces Two-Stage Honing Efficiency
Sunnen's new HTG series tube hones are designed as oil field workhorses with high-volume throughput and increased part capacity. The ... (posted 2011-03-29)

MAG Develops Process to Produce Giant Gear
MAG proved it knows how to use machine tools, as well as build them, by developing a process that used a horizontal boring mill (HBM) and... (posted 2011-03-28)

Gleason to Unveil 650GMS at Control Exhibition
The 650GMS, capable of inspecting gears as large as 650 mm in diameter, will be unveiled at the 25th Control Exhibition, May 3-6, 2011 ... (posted 2011-03-21)

Seco to Demonstrate Tooling Solutions at AeroDef
Seco Tools will be demonstrating a comprehensive range of tooling solutions for aerospace and defense applications at AeroDef Manufacturi... (posted 2011-03-16)

Compression Spring Relaxation Available for KISSsoft
The phenomenon of relaxation occurs in constant static loads of springs, which finally lead to time-dependent changes of t... (posted 2011-03-11)

ISCAR Expands Fine-Pitch Mill Line
ISCAR has expanded its popular line of Helido Round H400 fine-pitch mills to improve profile machining and ramping over a wider range of ... (posted 2011-03-08)

Milwaukee Machine Works Purchases Hexagon Metrology CMM
Hexagon Metrology, Inc. has announced that precision component manufacturer Milwaukee Machine Works has purchased a Leitz PMM-G ultra-acc... (posted 2011-03-07)

Northfield Introduces 450 Air Chuck
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of precision workholding chucks, has introduced the Model 450 Ai... (posted 2011-03-04)

Gleason Introduces New Technologies at CIMT
Gleason will introduce a host of advanced new machines, tooling and global customer support services at the China International Machine T... (posted 2011-03-02)

Tyrolit Unveils Gear Honing Rings
A new range of gear honing rings using specially fused abrasives, said to last virtually twice as long as similar consumables on the mark... (posted 2011-02-25)

FeatureCAM Helps Renishaw Turn Designers into Machinists
Metrology and healthcare specialist Renishaw has been able to improve greatly the productivity of its rapid prototyping department by tur... (posted 2011-02-23)

KISSsoft Releases Calculation for Shearing Strength for Plastic Worm Wheels
For crossed axis helical gear designs where a worm meshes with a cylindrical worm wheel made of plasti... (posted 2011-02-17)

Forest City Gear Purchases Takisawa Lathe
Forest City Gear has purchased a Takisawa TT-200G, a fully-automated turning center with twin-spindle, twin-turret and twin-CNC operation... (posted 2011-02-16)

ECM Machining Eliminates Tool Wear
An increasing demand for precision manufacturing, higher efficiency and machining of new materials are pushing traditional machining proc... (posted 2011-02-14)

Big Kaiser 318 Series - A Complete Tooling System
Big Kaiser has introduced the new, large diameter Kaiser 318 Series-a complete tooling system supporting a variety of aluminum and steel ... (posted 2011-02-11)

Ingersoll Introduces 2-Start Insert Hob
Ingersoll recently introduced a 2-Start Indexable Carbide Insert Hob, which nearly doubles productivity for machining gears with large nu... (posted 2011-02-10)

Walter Surface Technologies Offers New Zip Wheel
In 1993, Walter Surface Technologies launched Zip Wheel, the first ultra-thin cutting wheel for portable angle grinders, and ever since i... (posted 2011-02-09)

Mahr Offers New Version of MMQ 400 Series
Mahr Federal recently introduced a new version of its successful MMQ 400 series. The new MarForm MMQ 400-2 integrates a new controll... (posted 2011-02-07)

Milling and Drilling at Composites 2011
Seco Tools will be demonstrating a range of tooling solutions for milling and drilling applications at Composites 2011. The company will ... (posted 2011-02-04)

Vertical Honing System Covers Wide Range of Work
Sunnen's SV-1005 series vertical CNC honing system with integrated air gaging system provides closed-loop control of tool size, along... (posted 2011-02-04)

BIG Kaiser Introduces 318 Series
BIG Kaiser has recently introduced the new, large diameter Kaiser 318 Series—a complete tooling system supporting a variety of al... (posted 2011-02-02)

Emuge Introduces JIS Taps
Emuge Corp. has introduced a new line of JIS Taps for tapping applications at companies manufacturing products with Japanese-specified st... (posted 2011-02-01)

GTI Releases iPad Vibration Analysis Tool
GTI Spindle Technology, Inc., a provider of foreign and domestic machine repair services, maintenance and machine optimization has recent... (posted 2011-01-31)

Rex-Cut Presents Flexible Abrasive Wheels
A new line of flexible, cotton fiber abrasive wheels for deburing, blending and finishing a wide variety of machined, cast and stamped me... (posted 2011-01-28)

Grieve Releases 863 Box Furnace
No. 863 is an electrically-heated 1400 degrees F(~760 degrees C) box furnace from Grieve, currently used for preheating molds. 52 kW are ... (posted 2011-01-26)

Luren's LFG-8040 Grinds Spur and Helical Gears
The most recent development from Luren Precision Co., Ltd. is the vertical type CNC gear profile grinding machine, LFG-8040, th... (posted 2011-01-19)

KISSsoft Releases First iPhone App
KISSsoft recently announced that its first free iPhone app, Hardness Conversion, is now available. This iPhone application easily&nb... (posted 2011-01-18)

MarCheck Offers Reliable Measurements
Mahr Federal has introduced a new MarCheck measuring and evaluation unit for its high precision Linear 100 universal length measuring ins... (posted 2011-01-13)

Luren Introduces Hob Sharpening Machine
Luren Precision Co., Ltd. recently introduced the CNC Hob Sharpening Machine LHG-3040.This machine is built with a rigid structure for ma... (posted 2011-01-07)

Northfield Updates 470 Chuck
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of precision workholding chucks, recently introduced their Model... (posted 2011-01-06)