Gear Industry Product News 2017

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Third Wave Systems AdvantEdge v7.4 Now Available
AdvantEdge v7.4 is now available from Third Wave Systems. The release includes time history data averaging, report improvements, milling ... (posted 2017-12-29)

Holroyd 8EX Rotor Milling Machine and CS700E Tool Management Center Ordered by Chinese Air Compressor Manufacturer
One of China's leading manufacturers of air compressors has once again demonstrated its confidence in the ultra-precise technologies ... (posted 2017-12-27)

Birchwood Technologies Introduces Presto Black SSB Stainless Steel Blackening Process
New Presto Black SSB room temperature Stainless Steel blackening process is an immersion or brush-on solution for most stainless steel al... (posted 2017-12-22)

NUM Flexium+ CNC Platform Forms Base for Star Cutter's New NTG 6RL
NUM's latest-generation CNC systems are helping the US manufacturer Star Cutter Company to maintain its position as a world leader in... (posted 2017-12-21)

Vomat Filtration Systems Provide 100 Percent Separation of Clean and Dirty Grinding Oil
To manufacture precision tools, tool manufacturers must optimally coordinate all parameters involved in the process such as edge preparat... (posted 2017-12-20)

Liebherr PHS Allround Pallet Handling System Offers Flexible Production with 4- and 5-Axis Machining Centers
Liebherr Automation Systems introduced its new PHS Allround pallet handling system, designed to enable a broad range of shops to engage i... (posted 2017-12-18)

DVS Group Member Praewema Antriebstechnik Develops Precise Machining Solutions for Planetary Gearing
The DVS gearing specialist Praewema Antriebstechnik continues to expand its technological expertise in order to keep pace with the growin... (posted 2017-12-15)

Heller HF 5500 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center Features a Counter Bearing Combined with a YRT
Heller recently introduced the new model HF 5500 5-axis horizontal machining center equipped with pallet changer and offering a work... (posted 2017-12-14)

ANCA LaserPlus Measuring System Added to EDGe PCD Cutting Tool Eroding Machine
ANCA is launching new technology to bring new benefits to its customers with the LaserPlus system on their EDGe machine. The EDGe is used... (posted 2017-12-12)

Slater Tools Indexable Punch Broach Tooling Offers Simple Setup to Machine Numerous Shapes on Presses and CNC Machines
Slater Tools announces its range of indexable punch broaches and holders to machine shapes in workpieces where rotary broaching may not b... (posted 2017-11-30)

Mitutoyo Quick Image CNC 2D Vision Measuring System Introduces New Models with Moving Stage
Mitutoyo America Corporation announced the release of the Quick Image CNC (QI-C), the latest addition in the Quick Image Series of 2D vis... (posted 2017-11-29)

Röhm Presents Clamping and Gripping Technologies at EMO 2017
Röhm exhibited several of the company's latest product developments at EMO 2017. Innovations that drew the greatest interest fro... (posted 2017-11-28)

Seco/Warwick Nitriding System and Tempering Furnaces Sold to Global Steel and Specialty Alloy Manufacturer
A global manufacturer of steel and specialty alloys has purchased a Seco/Warwick nitriding system with vacuum purge and two tempering uni... (posted 2017-11-22)

Sandvik Coromant CoroTurn Prime Expands Range of Toolholding Products
Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new range of CoroTurn Prime multi-task and axial type too... (posted 2017-11-21)

Gleason GRSL Sets Standard for Throughput for High-Speed, High-Volume Testing
The GRSL Gear Rolling System with Laser provides both double flank roll testing as well as analytical index and involute measurement on a... (posted 2017-11-17)

Kennametal Offers Two Solutions for Roughing and Fine Finishing
Kennametal is expanding the Mill 16 platform by introducing new cutter body styles, new insert geometries and grades, and a split case de... (posted 2017-11-15)

Seco Tools Double-Sided Round Inserts Deliver Performance Upgrades
Seco Tools has introduced its R217/220.28 cutters with completely new body designs that incorporate double-sided round inserts to deliver... (posted 2017-11-14)

Koepfer America TM200 R3 Gear Deburring Machine Offers Automatic Loading
As automation continues to transform the manufacturing industry, gear deburring often remains an operation performed by hand. This burden... (posted 2017-11-10)

Gleason 410SCG Shaving Cutter Grinding Machine Speeds Up Shaving Cutter Re-Sharpening
Gleason is meeting the global need for fast, high quality re-sharpening of shaving cutters up to 400 mm in diameter and Module 14 with th... (posted 2017-11-08)

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology Hommel-Etamic Wavemove Measuring Station Features Eight-Axis CNC Measurement Technology
The Jenoptik Industrial Metrology division offers a fully automated measuring station which can be operated directly by staff on the prod... (posted 2017-11-07)

Mahr Inc. MarOpto MT 100 Fizeau Interferometer Towers Offers In-Production Measurement Solution
Mahr Inc. has introduced the MarOpto MT 100, the first in a new series of Fizeau interferometer towers for measuring optics directly in p... (posted 2017-11-06)

Grieve No. 865 Three-Zone Conveyor Oven
No. 865 is a 750°F (399°C), three-zone conveyor oven from Grieve currently used for curing coatings at the customer's test fa... (posted 2017-11-03)

Seco Tools New Tooling Systems Designed for Flexibility, Delivering Precision
Seco continues to evolve and develop tooling solutions that exceed the demands of the metalcutting industry. Two of the company's lat... (posted 2017-11-02)

Vomat and ANCA Partner to Bundle Competencies
Modern tool grinding requires a complex network of different parameters in a sensitive total production environment. All components invol... (posted 2017-10-13)

Sandvik Coromant CoroMill 745 Face Milling Cutter Provides Higher Metal Removal Rates for Roughing and Semi-Finishing Milling Operations
Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new, high-feed version of the CoroMill 745 face mill... (posted 2017-10-03)

Dillon Jaw Forming Ring Maximizes Jaw Life Through Uniform Grip
The Dillon jaw forming ring is an easy-to-use tool that provides a more uniform grip on the workpiece, thereby maximizing jaw life for cu... (posted 2017-09-22)

Liebherr LC 280 Gear Hobbing Machine Updates Tested Design with New Components
The newly developed LC 280 α gear hobbing machine provides Liebherr quality with maximum flexibility and short delivery times. The ... (posted 2017-09-21)

DVS Technology Group Presenting Gear Grinding Solutions at EMO
The EMO fair booth of DVS Technology Group in Hall 17, Booth C46 will be focusing on the high-precision machining of components for power... (posted 2017-09-20)

Grieve No. 843 Gas-Heated Cabinet Oven Utilized for Curing Paint on Steel and Aluminum Test Coupons
No. 843 is an 850°F (454°C), gas-heated cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for curing paint on steel and aluminum test coup... (posted 2017-09-08)

Liebherr LS 180 E Gear Shaping Machine Offers Flexibility for Small Workpieces
Internal, external, spur, helical - everything is possible with the new LS 180 E gear shaping machine. This machine masters all types of ... (posted 2017-09-07)

Mahr Expands Wireless Interfacing Products with Digital Micrometer
Mahr's wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within its new digital micrometer Micromar 40 EWRi. The new 40 EWRi is... (posted 2017-08-24)

Röhm 3/2 Jaw Chuck, Clamp Mounting Assembly Tool and Live Center Solutions to be Displayed at EMO 2017
Röhm Products of America will showcase its industry-leading workholding innovations at EMO 2017 in Hanover, Germany, September 18-23... (posted 2017-08-21)

SMTCL EHC125300 Horizontal Turning Center Offers Large Turning Solution
SMTCL has announced the development of a new horizontal turning center, the EHC125300. SMTCL's National Sales Representative, Chad Tu... (posted 2017-08-18)

Meister Abrasives HPL Grinding Wheels Naturally Release Lubricant as they Grind
Meister Abrasives new HPL (High Performance Lubrication) Grinding Wheels rely on premium grade CBN crystals fixed with durable, porous, i... (posted 2017-08-17)

Grieve No. 844 Top Loading Oven Utilized for Drying Water from Racks of Piston Rings
No. 844 is a 500°F (260°C), top loading oven from Grieve, currently used for drying water from racks of piston rings at the custo... (posted 2017-08-16)

Haas Multigrind CA and CB Machines Utilize High-Capacity Grinding Wheel Shelf Magazines
All Haas Multigrind grinding centers are available with an automatic wheel changer.  This feature enables Haas customers to combine ... (posted 2017-08-03)

Walter AG Digital Solutions to be on Display at EMO 2017
Walter will demonstrate its focus on digitization, networking and connectivity at EMO 2017, in Hannover, September 18-23, 2017. The met... (posted 2017-07-12)

Third Wave Systems AdvantEdge Software Expanded to Include Gear Machining
Third Wave Systems has successfully developed and simulated the complex processes involved in spiral bevel gear machining. With this Adva... (posted 2017-07-11)

Sandvik Coromant Introduces CoroPlus Suite of Solutions for Mastercam 2018
In a move designed to greatly improve efficiency and quality in CAM operations, the CoroPlus ToolLibrary and PrimeTurning ... (posted 2017-07-10)

Affolter AF71 Universal Loading System Offers Three Methods for Part Feeding
Affolter has recently unveiled the AF71, a new multi-axis part load and unload system. The loading head is equipped with a double gripper... (posted 2017-07-07)

Heule Tool COFA-C Series Carbide Coated Blades Designed for Deburring Elliptical and Contoured Surfaces
Heule Tool Corporation introduces new COFA-C Series tooling for deburring elliptical or contoured surfaces in larger diameters. Replacea... (posted 2017-07-06)

EMAG VL 3 Duo Vertical Turning Machine Offers Extremely Compact Machining Solution, TrackMotion Compatibility
When EMAG launched the new TrackMotion automation system in 2015, they quickly realized that it not only focused on transporting parts, b... (posted 2017-07-05)

Grieve No. 852 Walk-In Oven Designed for Customer for Heat Treating and Baking Varnish
No. 852 is an 850°F (454°C), high temperature walk-in oven from Grieve, currently used for heat treating and baking varnish at th... (posted 2017-06-30)

Solar Atmospheres Constructs Climate-Controlled Vacuum Heat Treat Environment
After surviving one of the hottest and most humid summer seasons on record, Solar Atmospheres of Western PA decided to construct a climat... (posted 2017-06-29)

Ransohoff LeanDrum CF Washer Offers Energy Efficient High-Volume Cold Forming Solution
Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group LLC, has introduced its LeanDrum CF Washer. This new platform provides an energy eff... (posted 2017-06-28)

Seco Tools PCBN Insert Grade Family Expanded with Four New Hard Turning Grades
Seco Tools has expanded its family of PCBN insert grades to cover the entire spectrum of hard part turning applications. Using a new bimo... (posted 2017-06-27)

Oven Industries 5R6-900 Temperature Controller Model Offers Versatile Features
Oven Industries now offers the Temperature Controller Model 5R6-900 for use in laboratories and temperature cycling applications. The dev... (posted 2017-06-19)

Nanol Lubricant Additive Prevents Hydrogen Embrittlement in Metals
The Fraunhofer independent research institute has demonstrated that Nanol's lubricant additive has some completely new performance fe... (posted 2017-06-12)

Carbodeon NanoDiamond Enhanced Electroless Nickel Plating Maintains Benefits While Improving Adhesive Wear Resistance
Nanodiamond material specialist Carbodeon has worked with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating to develop a new NanoDiamond enhanced el... (posted 2017-06-09)

Junker JUMAT Machine Offers Simultaneous Grinding of ID, OD and Faces of Gears
Junker has introduced the JUMAT 6S 18-20S-18, the latest of Junker's JUMAT series of modular grinding machines, which is capable of g... (posted 2017-05-31)

Mahr Federal Depth Gaging Equipment Provide Wireless Data Transmission to Expedite Measurement Process
Mahr Federal expands its line of wireless gaging products to include a range of depth gaging products. Digital Depth Gage MarCal 30 EWR, ... (posted 2017-05-31)

ANCA Motion LinX Linear Motor Technology Now Equipped on Grinding Machines for Improved Chip Evacuation
Highly polished flutes and gash surfaces improve chip evacuation and aid tool performance. The smoother surface enables swarf (or chips) ... (posted 2017-05-18)

Sandvik Coromant GC2220 Turning Insert Optimized for Working with Stainless Steel
Sandvik Coromant is introducing a dedicated turning insert optimized for stainless steel materials that offers increased productivity, lo... (posted 2017-05-16)

Liebherr ChamferCut Process Allows Chamfering to Occur During Machining Process
Liebherr has optimized chamfering with the ChamferCut technology and opened it up for completely new applications. The chamfering process... (posted 2017-05-15)

ALD Vacuum Systems Sells SyncroTherm Vacuum Heat Treating System
ALD Vacuum Systems, Inc. has received a purchase order from a North American based aerospace manufacturer for a SyncroTherm brand, fully-... (posted 2017-05-10)

Seco/Warwick Delivers Vacuum Heat Treatment System to Galvamet
Seco/Warwick is developing a vacuum heat treatment system equipped with a 10 bar abs. gas quenching system, the sixth in a series of syst... (posted 2017-05-09)

Mahr MarCom Professional 5.2 Metrology Software Connects up to 32 Instruments Wirelessly, 128 Wired
Mahr Federal is now offering its MarCom Professional metrology software version 5.2 as a free download from Mahr's website. MarCom 5.... (posted 2017-05-08)

Heller HF Series 5-axis Machining Center Designed for Machining Complex Prismatic Parts
Heller Machine Tools introduces its versatile HF Series 5-axis horizontal machining centers to North America for machining complex prisma... (posted 2017-05-05)

Walter MC232 Perform Milling Cutters Provide Universal Applicability for Milling Operations
Walter has added to its range of solid carbide milling cutters with the introduction of its MC232 Perform product line. These three versa... (posted 2017-05-04)

Sandvik Coromant GC4335 Insert Grade Designed for Turning in Unstable Conditions
Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has introduced its GC4335 insert grade for the turning of steels where unstab... (posted 2017-05-02)

Mahr Dimensional Metrology and Gaging Products to be Presented at EASTEC
Mahr Federal will showcase three key products from their broad line of dimensional metrology and gaging products at this year's EASTE... (posted 2017-04-27)

BvL Oberflächentechnik Cleaning Systems Designed to Meet High Cleanliness Demands
The absolute necessity for clean components in the automotive industry requires reliable cleaning technologies. With longstanding experie... (posted 2017-04-24)

J.L. Becker IQ Furnace Line Includes Three Furnaces, Washer and More
J.L. Becker, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, recently manufactured, shipped and commissioned a complete IQ Furnace line at the East Car... (posted 2017-04-21)

Seco/Warwick Vortex Aluminum Annealing Technology Adopted by Multiple European Manufacturers
Global aluminum manufacturers use Seco/Warwick's advanced Vortex technology for annealing aluminum coil and foil, producing superior ... (posted 2017-04-20)

Mahr Federal Millimar C1200 Digital IC Amplifier Redesigned with Increased Application Range and User Security
Several new features have been added to Mahr Federal's popular Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier, increasing its application range ... (posted 2017-04-19)

Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning Offers All-Directional Turning Capabilities
Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new turning concept that offers improved machining flexibility and the potential for significant producti... (posted 2017-04-18)

AFC-Holcroft Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace Installed for Major Automotive Systems and Components Supplier
A leading global automotive supplier of systems and components has purchased a new roller hearth annealing furnace from AFC-Holcroft. The... (posted 2017-04-17)

Dillon Manufacturing Workholding Products on Display at EASTEC
Dillon Manufacturing will feature a wide variety of workholding products in EASTEC Booth #5385, including soft jaws, hard jaws and full g... (posted 2017-04-13)

Gleason Inspection System Offers Key Measurements on Single Platform
Gleason Corporation’s new 300GMSL Multi-Sensor Gear Inspection System will have its European première at the Control Show in... (posted 2017-04-11)

Holroyd Precision Absolute Care Maintenance Program Offers CNC Upgrade Packages and Machine Refurbishment Services for Holroyd Machines
As part of its ‘Absolute Care' machine tool maintenance program, Holroyd Precision is offering a range of CNC upgrade packages ... (posted 2017-04-06)

Lucifer Furnaces Model 42GT-H12 Oven Installed at R. Hueter
R. Hueter Co, a northeast CNC machine shop specializing in male and female RF connector contact production has added a Lucifer Furnaces&#... (posted 2017-04-05)

Seco/Warwick Continuous Control Solution Provides Full Temperature Control in Multi-Chamber Furnaces
The Seco/Warwick engineering team has designed a new form of continuous control over the heating and cooling of the entire cycl... (posted 2017-04-04)

EMAG VLC 100 GT Combines Vertical Turning and Finish Grinding in One Package
When it comes to machining times, combining various machining processes in one setup offers enormous savings potential. With the combinat... (posted 2017-03-31)

FVA Workbench v4.5 Released with New Features, Three New Editions
The new FVA Workbench version 4.5 supports more efficient development tasks with a flexible licensing structure, new simulation features,... (posted 2017-03-30)

Klingelnberg Closed Loop System to be Exhibited Alongside New Products at China International Machine Tool Show
At the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in April, Klingelnberg, the specialist in gear and transmission technology, will unve... (posted 2017-03-29)

Walter Titex Perform TC115/TC216 Taps Receive New Sizes and UNC Thread Styles
Walter has expanded the productive and cost effective Walter Titex Perform lineup of TC115/TC216 taps with an array of new sizes. The Per... (posted 2017-03-23)

Mitutoyo i-Checker Calibrates a Variety of Indicators
Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the release of the i-Checker, an inspection instrument specially designed to calibrate a variety o... (posted 2017-03-22)

Vomat Modular Filtration Technology Designed to Meet Customer's Requirements
For grinding modern cutting tools, all parameters that are involved in the manufacturing process must be optimally coordinated with each ... (posted 2017-03-21)

Emuge EF-Series Drill Line Expanded to Include Micro and Sub-Micro Grain Drills
Emuge Corp. announced that it has expanded its EF-Series of high penetration rate drills with a new line of sub-micro grain carbide coola... (posted 2017-03-20)

Hainbuch Mando G211 Segmented Mandrel Specialized for Gear Cutting
Hainbuch America Corp. announced a new segmented mandrel specialized for gear cutting. Clamping solutions for the gear-cutting sector ar... (posted 2017-03-16)

Kitagawa NorthTech Productivity Team Designs Custom Engineered Workholding Services
Kitagawa NorthTech, Inc. provides turnkey and custom engineered workholding services. Known for their standard and advanced chucks, the c... (posted 2017-03-15)

Sandvik Coromant Silent Tools Milling Adapters Designed to Improve Damping Characteristics
The latest Silent Tools milling adapters from cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant are designed to offer improved... (posted 2017-03-13)

Third Wave Systems AdvantEdge Software Offers Process Kinematics for Cylindrical Hobbing
Third Wave Systems has released the new AdvantEdge Gear Machining v1.0. As part of the new release, the first version will include cylind... (posted 2017-03-10)

Ipsen CompuCore Offers Competitive Option for Controls Retrofits for Vacuum Furnaces
Ipsen is introducing a new, competitively priced option for controls retrofits in the form of CompuCore. Available for installation on mo... (posted 2017-03-09)

Seco/Warwick Walking Beam Furnace Commissioned at NHK Springs India
Seco/Warwick has recently commissioned a 3.96 ton per hour capacity Walking Beam Furnace at NHK Springs India Ltd., Andhra Pradesh, India... (posted 2017-03-08)

Matrix Design to Exhibit at Automate 2017
Matrix Design, LLC will be exhibiting at Automate 2017 from April 03-06, 2017 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Held every two years, Automa... (posted 2017-03-07)

Solar Manufacturing Designs Models HFL-5772-EQ Vacuum Furnace for Magnetic Shields
After product testing of sample parts for precise magnetic properties, Magnetic Shields Ltd. Chairman Colin Woolger has approved shipment... (posted 2017-03-06)

Automate 2017 Preview: Rohm Products of America Booth #2053
Röhm Products of America will highlight its broad range of end-of-arm tooling for robots, including a special focus on the company&r... (posted 2017-03-02)

Mecof Powermill Machining Center Offers Ideal Solution for Aerospace and Large Workpiece Handling
The large Powermill machining center from Mecof, part of EMCO Group, provides users precision, high dynamics, operational flexibility and... (posted 2017-03-01)

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics PROHT Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks Designed for Small Scale Production Cleaning
Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group LLC, introduces its popular PROHT ultrasonic cleaning tanks with ne... (posted 2017-02-28)

Solar Atmospheres Molybdenum Hot Zoned Vacuum Furnace Equipped with Unique Oversized Pumping System
Solar Atmospheres of Western PA recently added a very unique piece of equipment to its fleet of furnaces - a brand new, state of the art ... (posted 2017-02-27)

Controx-Neuhauser Saw Blades and Side Milling Cutters On Display at PMTS
Controx-Neuhauser is presenting a full line of standard saw blades and side chip clearance saws suitable for a wide range of precision cu... (posted 2017-02-24)

Marposs Optoquick 3.0 High Precision Gage Delivers Both Tactile and Optical Measurement Technology in One Package
Marposs announces the introduction of Optoquick 3.0, its latest addition to the industrial gauging solutions portfolio. Optoquick is a hi... (posted 2017-02-23)

Dillon Manufacturing Full Grip Jaws Feature Different Material Versions for Different Applications
Dillon Manufacturing full grip jaws available from 6 inches to 24 inches (140mm to 630mm) in diameter, with heights of 2, 4 and 6 inches,... (posted 2017-02-22)

Mitutoyo Lever-Type Dial Test Indicators Designed for Improved Durability, Sensitivity and Readability
Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the release of lever-type dial test indicators with increased durability, sensitivity and readabil... (posted 2017-02-16)

Mitsui Seiki PJ812 Offers High-Precision Milling for Components with Critical Tolerances
The new Mitsui Seiki PJ812 Precision Profile Center is a three-axis CNC vertical jig mill engineered to perform high-precision contour ma... (posted 2017-02-16)

Grieve No. 1040 Inert Atmosphere Pit Furnace
No. 1040 is a 2200°F (1204°C), inert atmosphere pit furnace from Grieve currently used for heat treating automotive parts in bask... (posted 2017-02-13)

Adcole Camshaft Gage Measures Key Parameters
A new camshaft gage that features two independent opposed measuring heads for measuring key parameters, including cam lobe chatter and st... (posted 2017-02-09)

Oven Industries Temperature Controller Features Proportional Integral Control Algorithm for Thermoelectric Modules
Oven Industries offers the 5R9-350 field configurable low cost temperature controller.  Accessories available are digital display, k... (posted 2017-02-08)

Violi VM Series Hydraulic Metal Chip Briquetting Machines Offer Semi-Automatic and Automatic Options
Violi Srl briquetting machines are in operation around the world. Recently Violi Srl introduced further innovations for their VM series o... (posted 2017-02-07)

Röhm Chucks Improve Part Clamping for Oil and Gas Industry Applications
In booth 1315 at Houstex 2017, Röhm Products of America will showcase two chucks that optimize part clamping specifically for applic... (posted 2017-02-06)

Chevalier Grinder Features Rough and Fine-Grinding Cycles
The FSG-1224ADIII is fully automatic on the X- and Y-axis, includes 2-axis servo control and a new PLC controller that features a grind c... (posted 2017-02-03)

Methods 3D Inc. Introduces ProX SLS 500
Methods 3D Inc. has introduced the 3D Systems' ProX SLS 500 Selective Laser Sintering production 3D printer featuring fast speeds, hi... (posted 2017-02-02)

Mazak VTC-805E Offers Versatility and Productivity for Long and Heavy Parts Manufacturers
The new Mazak VTC-805E Vertical Traveling Column Machining Center brings high versatility and productivity to those shops that need to ta... (posted 2017-02-01)

Mahr Custom RPM Gage Designed for Dynamic Measurement of Cylindrical Parts
The MarSolutions team at Mahr Federal has developed a customized RPM gage for the dynamic measurement of cylindrical parts such as commut... (posted 2017-01-31)

Lucifer Dual Chamber Furnace Focuses on High-Speed Steels
Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. has designed and delivered a dual chamber furnace ideal for heat treating high speed steels. The HS8 Series, ... (posted 2017-01-27)

Heimatec Angle Heads Offers Heavy-Duty Industries Standard or Custom Milling, Drilling and Tapping Solutions
Heimatec announced the immediate availability of its newest development, a line of standard and custom angle heads, available in all popu... (posted 2017-01-25)

Liebherr Gantry Robot System Offers Speed and Flexibility
The new LP 100 gantry robot system introduced recently by Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH is ideal for handling smaller and lighter componen... (posted 2017-01-23)

Walter DC150 Drill Series Expands with Two New Drills
Walter has introduced two new products for the DC150 drill lineup: 3xD and12xD, both with coolant through the tool body. The DC150 is pos... (posted 2017-01-20)

Grieve No. 1030 Oven Provides Heat Treat for Large Gears
No. 1030 is a 550 degrees Fahrenheit floor-level electric cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for heating large gears at the custome... (posted 2017-01-19)

Oelheld Introduces AirForge Protective Lubricant
AirForge 4028 is a newly developed protective lubricant for hot forging of steel and alloys. It is colorless and does not contain gr... (posted 2017-01-13)

Mazak Integrex i-200S AM Offers All-in-One Milling and Additive Manufacturing Capabilities
Mazak continues to fortify its industry leadership in hybrid multi-tasking machine technology with the introduction of its new Integrex i... (posted 2017-01-03)