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1 Product News (November/December 2014)

The complete Product News section from the November/December 2014 issue.

2 Product News (July 2015)

News on the latest Products from the Industry

3 Ask Not What Your Heat Treater Can Do for You... (July 2017)

When sending gears to be heat treated, manufacturers can end up unwittingly making mistakes that slow down turnaround time. We talked to some heat treaters to get their best advice on how you can help them help you.

4 Product News (September/October 2016)

News on the latest products in the industry.

5 Product news (August 2016)

News about the latest products in the industry.

6 Gear Backlash Analysis of Unloaded Gear Pairs in Transmissions (June 2016)

A best practice in gear design is to limit the amount of backlash to a minimum value needed to accommodate manufacturing tolerances, misalignments, and deflections, in order to prevent the non-driving side of the teeth to make contact and rattle. Industry standards, such as ANSI/AGMA 2002 and DIN3967, provide reference values of minimum backlash to be used in the gear design. However, increased customers' expectations in vehicle noise eduction have pushed backlash and allowable manufacturing tolerances to even lower limits. This is especially true in the truck market, where engines are quieter because they run at lower speeds to improve fuel economy, but they quite often run at high torsional vibration levels. Furthermore, gear and shaft arrangements in truck transmissions have become more complex due to increased number of speeds and to improve efficiency. Determining the minimum amount of backlash is quite a challenge. This paper presents an investigation of minimum backlash values of helical gear teeth applied to a light-duty pickup truck transmission. An analytical model was developed to calculate backlash limits of each gear pair when not transmitting load, and thus susceptible to generate rattle noise, through different transmission power paths. A statistical approach (Monte Carlo) was used since a significant number of factors affect backlash, such as tooth thickness variation; center distance variation; lead; runout and pitch variations; bearing clearances; spline clearances; and shaft deflections and misalignments. Analytical results identified the critical gear pair, and power path, which was confirmed experimentally on a transmission. The approach presented in this paper can be useful to design gear pairs with a minimum amount of backlash, to prevent double flank contact and to help reduce rattle noise to lowest levels.

7 All-For-One, One-For-All (May 2016)

The "less is more" mantra is certainly a rallying cry in manufacturing. Technologies like multiaxis machining, 3D printing and automation are enabling companies to be more efficient, cost-conscious and flexible on the shop floor.

8 Product News (August 2015)

News about the newest products from the Gear Industry

9 Industry News (June 2015)

News from Around the Gear Industry

10 Product News (March/April 2015)

The complete Product News section from the March/April 2015 issue of Gear Technology.

11 Gleason Corporation Acquires The Pfauter Group (September/October 1997)

Gleason Corporation has announced that agreement has been reached on all terms to acquire for approximately $36 million in cash the Hermann Pfauter Group, including, among other operations, Hermann Pfauter GmbH & Co., a privately held leading producer of gear equipment based in Ludwigsburg, Germany; its 76% interest in Pfauter-Maad Cutting Tools, a leading cutting tool manufacturer basked in Loves Park, IL; and Pfauter-Maag management's 24% ownership interest in that company. The acquisition includes all assets and liabilities, including the assumption of approximately $56 million in bank debt.

12 The Quick-Change Advantage (March/April 2019)

Workholding Systems Continue to Focus on Speed and Efficiency to Improve Machining Operations

13 Product News (June 2018)

New grinding machines, multi-tasking machines, gear software and tools for gear manufacturers.

14 Gear Expo 2017 and ASM Heat Treat 2017 Booth Previews (September/October 2017)

The latest technology on display in Columbus, OH. October 24-26.

15 Product News (August 2017)

The latest new products from EMAG, Emuge, Ransohoff, Seco Tools, Solar Atmospheres and more.

16 Product News (March/April 2017)

The latest in machine tools, cutting tools, inspection equipment, shop floor gages and other products for the gear industry.

17 Industry News (January/February 2017)

News from around the Gear Industry

18 Industry News (November/December 2016)

News from around the Industry

19 IMTS: Welcome to the Main Event (July 2016)

It's hard to think of a show more essential to attend than IMTS. It's the cornerstone event for the industry, the center of the universe for a week, the one show to rule them all.

20 Industry News (March/April 2016)

News from around the Gear Industry

21 Product News (January/February 2016)

Latest news about the Latest Products

22 IMTS 2014 Product Preview (August 2014)

An in-depth look at the major booths with the latest technology used in gear manufacturing.

23 Product News (March/April 2013)

The complete Product News section from the March/April 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

24 Chamfering-Deburring Still a Player - Now More than Ever (September/October 2018)

Chamfering and deburring have been described as "unloved," a "necessary evil" and, in fact - "dead." After all, manual deburring is still common in many shops.

News Items About Emuge Corp

1 Motion + Power Technology Expo Preview: Emuge Corp. (August 9, 2019)
Emuge Corp. has announced it will be exhibiting at the Motion + Power Technology Show Booth #3307 this year from October 15-17 at the Cob... Read News

2 IMTS Preview: Emuge Corp. (August 6, 2018)
Emuge Corp. will showcase its comprehensive line of clamping solutions at Booth #431536 during IMTS 2018. Emuge’s workholding divis... Read News

3 Emuge Corp. Opens New Technology Center (October 25, 2016)
Emuge Corp. announced the opening of a new technology center located at the company's North American headquarters in West Boylston, M... Read News

4 IMTS 2016: Emuge Corp. (W-1536) (August 22, 2016)
FPC Mill/Drill ChucksEmuge Corp., in partnership with Albrecht Precision Chucks, has introduced high precision/performance Emuge FPC Mill... Read News

5 IMTS Preview: Emuge Corp. (July 31, 2014)
At IMTS, Emuge Corp. (Booth W-1536) will showcase their comprehensive line of clamping solutions. Emuge’s workholding division spec... Read News

6 Gear Expo Preview: Emuge Corp Booth 505 (August 15, 2013)
Emuge Corp., a manufacturer of precision workholding devices for many industries, offers a comprehensive line of clamping solutions. Emug... Read News

7 IMTS Preview: Emuge Corp. (August 21, 2012)
Emuge Corp. will showcase their comprehensive line of clamping solutions at IMTS 2012. Emuge's workholding division specializes ... Read News

8 Emuge Corp. to Introduce High Performance Tap (June 17, 2010)
Emuge Corp. will display MultiTAP, the industry's first high performance tap designed to cut a wide range of materials including carb... Read News