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1 Product News (September/October 2015)

News about New Products

2 Industry News (September/October 2016)

News From Around the Gear Industry

3 Gear Expo 2017 and ASM Heat Treat 2017 Booth Previews (September/October 2017)

The latest technology on display in Columbus, OH. October 24-26.

4 Industry News (October 2012)

The complete Industry News section from the October 2012 issue of Gear Technology.

5 Solving the Forgings Paradox (March/April 2015)

The process of forging metal into shapes possesses a surprisingly long and storied history. For example, the method of hot rolling can trace its protracted existence all the way back to an enigmatic Italian polymath named Leonardo da Vinci (you may have heard of him), who reportedly invented the rolling mill one lazy day in the 1400s.

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1 Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Promotes Donald Gibeaut to Manager, Tubular Products (August 25, 2017)
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic (ATM) announced the promotion of Donald Gibeaut to Manager Tubular Products. Gibeaut has worked in the induction ... Read News

2 Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Announces Three New Members of Aftermarket Sales Team (March 13, 2017)
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic has added three members to their aftermarket sales team. They welcome Emil Weatherbee as an aftermarket sales eng... Read News

3 Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Bright Annealing Induction Furnace Produces Ready-to-Ship Finish (October 26, 2016)
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic recently shipped a bright annealing induction furnace to a major stainless steel tube manufacturer in the Northea... Read News

4 Ajax TOCCO Appoints General Manager of Aftermarket Sales (August 3, 2016)
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic welcomes Joe Hawkins as General Manager of Aftermarket Sales. Hawkins brings over 20 years of induction melting a... Read News

5 Ajax Tocco Supplies Induction Billet Heating System (June 17, 2016)
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic recently shipped a 1,000 kW PowerZone billet heating system to LC Manufacturing, located in Lake City, MI. The 1,... Read News

6 Ajax Tocco Ships Induction Heating Dryer System to China (January 18, 2016)
Ajax Tocco Magnethermic recently shipped a 1,900 kW/100,000 hz induction heating dryer system to a steel strip galvanizing producer in Ch... Read News

7 Ajax TOCCO Selling 5/10 kW TOCCOtron AC Induction Heating Systems (September 4, 2015)
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic recently delivered 5/10 kW TOCCOtron AC induction heating systems to an international on-site heat treating firm.... Read News

8 Ajax Tocco Offers Advancements in Gear Hardening (March 20, 2014)
Recognizing the demand for greater equipment simplicity has motivated Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp. to develop and refine a customer-driven, innovative system... Read News