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GCX Linear Skiving Solution

The rising popularity of skiving has caused a surge in demand for skiving cutters. Responding to the market, ANCA brings a complete solution for the manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters. Comprehensive design and simulation software plus a suite of technologies: AEMS, MTC, high accuracy headstock enables high precision DIN AA quality cutters ground on GCX Linear.

Integrated gear tool measurement system measures the tooth profile and spacing in the process, together with direct path compensation; GCX Linear offers the industry-first practical closed-loop production solution.

The whitepaper explores the 6 challenges faced in producing the high-quality skiving cutters and the technology and process ANCA developed to solve them. Article Courtesy of ANCA

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2 ANCA Motion LinX Linear Motor Technology Now Equipped on Grinding Machines for Improved Chip Evacuation (May 18, 2017)
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5 ANCA Group Opens ANCA Motion Headquarters (May 16, 2012)
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6 ANCA to Demonstrate CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder (March 25, 2013)
The new, affordable ANCA MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinder will be demonstrated at EASTEC Booth 1152. Designed with the volume end-mill pro... Read News

7 ANCA Opens New European Headquarters in Germany (June 15, 2015)
CNC tool and cutter grinder manufacturer ANCA recently opened its new European headquarters in Weinheim, Germany. ANCA’s new custom... Read News

8 ANCA RoboTeach Software Decreases Teaching Time for the Fanuc 200iD Robot (November 23, 2016)
ANCA's new RoboTeach solution enables greater efficiency and accuracy when setting up robot automation on their CNC grinding machines... Read News

9 ANCA Machine Tools Promotes Keith Grillot to Sales Manager for U.S. and Canada (February 22, 2017)
ANCA Machine Tools (AMT) has named Keith Grillot sales manager for its U.S. and Canadian markets, according to Russell Riddiford, ANCA pr... Read News

10 ANCA Confirms Appointment of Graeme Billings as Board Chairman (May 5, 2017)
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11 Vomat and ANCA Partner to Bundle Competencies (October 13, 2017)
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12 ANCA Announces 2021 Tool of the Year Competition (June 24, 2021)
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13 ANCA LaserPlus Measuring System Added to EDGe PCD Cutting Tool Eroding Machine (December 12, 2017)
ANCA is launching new technology to bring new benefits to its customers with the LaserPlus system on their EDGe machine. The EDGe is used... Read News

14 ANCA Invests in Renewable Energy to Power Headquarters (February 12, 2018)
ANCA is one of the first businesses to team up with Australia’s fastest growing business power retailer, Flow Power, to buy power... Read News

15 ANCA Unveils Art of Toolmaking Competition (August 3, 2018)
This year, besides showcasing its latest technology, ANCA is set to celebrate the art of toolmaking. The perfect tool requires a combin... Read News

16 ANCA iView Measuring System Enables Faster and More Accurate Grinding (December 18, 2018)
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17 ANCA Delivers Customer-Focused Website (February 12, 2019)
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18 ANCA Launches GCX Linear to Meet Growing Skiving Cutter Demands (October 23, 2019)
The new GCX Linear offers a purpose-built solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters. With a five axis CNC grinder powered... Read News

19 Grindtec 2020: ANCA (January 30, 2020)
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20 ANCA Announces Key European Appointments (April 30, 2021)
ANCA recently announced new appointments in Europe. Edmund Boland takes the role of general manager in Europe; Martin Winterstein - an ex... Read News

21 ANCA Pty. Invests $4 Million in Australia and Opens Thai Manufacturing Facility (April 14, 2006)
ANCA Pty. will invest $4 million in Australia and officially opened its first overseas manufacturing facility, located in the Rayong pro... Read News